How to Get More Likes on Your Instagram Posts

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August 9th 2020
Published: August 9th 2020
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Instagram is a great platform for brands to create a community, have a global reach, and connect with an interested audience. Having a potential advertisement reach of 849.3 million users, it's not surprising that brands value their presence on Instagram, trying to create the newest and best content to stay relevant. In this rapidly growing platform, having more likes and followers than your competition will make your brand look more reputable and cause your following and sales to grow even faster. But how can you get more likes on your posts? In this article, we gathered some of the best tips for you to get more likes on Instagram.

Create a Unique Aesthetic:

Creating a unique brand image can make your product or service stand out. Sometimes even a seemingly ordinary product can be presented in such a unique way, it catches your attention. Create a recognizable style using a consistent filter scheme, fresh presentation, and eye-catching photos. Your audience will be eager to interact with your content if it is different and aesthetically pleasing.

Know Your Competition:

Knowing what your competition is offering, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, being up to date with innovations in your industry will provide you with insider knowledge to optimize your services. Seeing how your competition is marketing their product on Instagram, analyzing their posts can give you some clues on how you can market yours more effectively. It's most likely that the people interested in your competition's products/services are interested in yours as well. By interacting with your competition's popular posts, you can become more visible to their audience that can lead them to engage with your content.

Follow and Like:

One of the most effective ways to get more followers and likes is to follow and engage with people who post or engage with similar content as yours. Using the explore feed, you can find users more likely to engage with your content, and by following a few people a day, you can grow your audience.

The Smart Use of Hashtags:

Using hashtags is another way of getting discovered. Hashtags are used to categorize content on Instagram so that it's easier to find posts that are of interest. You can use up to thirty hashtags, but research shows that eleven hashtags are the optimal number for the highest engagement. Know that your post will be visible at the hashtags page, so use hashtags that are the most relevant, and have the highest popularity. Use branded hashtags and location hashtags in addition to niche hashtags specific to your industry to generate more engagement.

Is There an Easy Way to Get More Likes?

It can take your constant attention and effort to grow your business on Instagram. There are ways to get more likes and followers on Instagram, but they take a lot of time. You can buy Instagram likes cheap to boost your likes and become a popular brand in no time. Having more likes will make your brand more interesting, and more people will be inclined to like and engage with your post, thereby increasing your visibility.

To Sum Up How to Get More Likes:

Instagram is an important platform to be in for brands. It has a high potential in advertisement reach, but it's also hard to stand out amongst the competition with limited followers and likes. Buying likes for Instagram can boost your popularity, increase your sales, and attract a wider audience.


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