The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide to Beauty and Makeup for Travel

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July 1st 2020
Published: July 1st 2020
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It takes a lot of discipline to be a backpacker, considering you only have limited space and you can only pack essentials. If you are an experienced backpacker then you already have a formula for things to pack. Also, there are several factors that you already consider when packing such as destination climate and weather, time of year, travel duration and others.

However, if you are not an experienced backpacker, you may struggle with deciding what to pack and what not to pack. Being a backpacker means that you are willing to do without some items that you use daily, but you do not need to compromise your makeup essentials. Packing and organising your makeup bag is even tougher than you can imagine. There is the issue of what to take with you, then quantity, and even budget.

If you find yourself in a tough situation when packing your makeup essentials, one trick that works all the time is to pack multi-functional products. Another trick is to package your makeup in small durable containers.

In this article, we have put together the ultimate guide to beauty and makeup for backpackers.

Non-powdery products

Powdery products are difficult to manage, especially when you are on the go. Many ladies struggle with powder makeup which is evident in the mess they leave in their makeup kit. Apart from the fact that they are likely to break and stain other things in your backpack, they are not as functional as cream products. Pack cream foundation, eye palettes, and contour.

Pack all powdery products in one palette

While it is almost impossible to do without carrying some powder makeup products with you, consider putting them all in a magnetic palette. An empty magnetic palette would do. Doing so will allow you to travel without fear that your powdery products have messed up your bag.

Carry products that can adapt to most weathers

Since you are a backpacker, you are better off with products that can adapt to changes in weather, altitude, and other situations. Some products are bad for air travel because they have tendencies to explode at high altitudes. Ensure you leave those behind. Read the labels of the products to know if they are great for air travel or not. Any product that will react easily to changes in temperature is bad for your backpacking trip.

Carry a travel mirror with you

Having a mirror with you is as important as anything else. Imagine not being able to see your face while applying makeup. Some people think that a mirror is something that you can find everywhere, but you may be in shock to find that is not always the case. To prevent disappointments, buy a pocket-size one and tuck it in your backpack.

Stick to multi-tasking makeup

One of the surest ways to ensure that you are making the most of your backpack space is to pack multi-tasking makeup. These are makeup products that have multiple uses, for instance, a BB cream that can be used as a moisturiser. The goal is to be creative without making any compromises with your makeup products. If you are looking for travel essentials, visit .


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