3 Must-Visit Remote Destinations Around the Globe

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April 29th 2020
Published: April 29th 2020
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There has been a significant shift in the way we travel over the last two decades. No longer are people content with just hitting tourist spots like the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. Moreover, although cities like New York and London still get their fair share of travellers, more and more people are starting to look for escapes that are away from the crowds and involve more than just city life and shopping.

One of the main charms of visiting remote destinations is that, more often than not, these places are hard to reach, making them remarkably exclusive. Humans have always had this desire to unveil the secrets of the universe. While on one end, scientists are working hard to colonise Mars, there is an equal amount of fascination regarding the far corners of the Earth. These are little known places that are still hidden in a cloud of mystery, promising unimaginable wonders to those who dare to venture into the unknown.

The Pitcairn Islands – The Pacific

Looking for a place so far away that hardly anyone knows about it? Well, the Pitcairn Islands is the perfect remote destination for you then. A cluster of four volcanic islands situated in the Pacific Ocean, Pitcairn is a British territory. With only around 50 odd people living on the main Pitcairn island, there is a rather old-world charm to the place. However, due to its inaccessibility, you will need to consider a tropical packing list that is a lot more extensive than the one for say Ibiza or the Caribbean. Undoubtedly, the ocean waters surrounding the islands have some of the most beautiful creatures you can imagine. Snorkelling is thus one of the most cherished activities here. Even more surprising is the fact that the government is more than happy to offer land on the island to anyone who wants to move there permanently.

Danakil Depression - Ethiopia

Adding a hint of danger to a place can make it all the more interesting for an avid tourist. Danakil Depression in Ethiopia is considered as the “hottest place on Earth,” making it a real challenge to stay there for more than a limited period of time. Located in the Afar region, the land hardly gets any rain during the year, yet, people survive in this harsh environment. The main attraction that leads people to travel thousands of miles to reach Danakil is its vibrant and alien-like landscape. From lava lakes to hydrothermal fields, the air might be deadly here, due to lack of oxygen, but the sights are indeed one of a kind. However, do remember that this region is only accessible through organized tours with guides and guards, available from nearby Mekele.

Majuli - India

Majuli is a slowly disappearing river island situated in Assam, India. At one time, the island covered over 800 sq mi of area, but due to constant river erosion, it now measures only 130 sq mi. It is expected that at this rate, the island will disappear in the next 20 odd years. What makes Majuli all the more special, besides its limited future, is that while travellers can reach Assam easily, one has to take two ferry boats to step foot on this remote part of the world. On the island, a small community continues to live a no-fuss life, enriched with a distinct culture, mastery in mask making, and speciality food. Tourists are more than welcome to stay in Majuli, with locals running guesthouses and offering a tranquil setting that takes you away from the hurriedness of city life.


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