Top 5 Online Games to Play While Traveling

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April 22nd 2020
Published: April 22nd 2020
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This is our choice of the five online games to liven up your trip. We are already entering the vacation months, and many of us will take some transport to go to another place: train, plane, bus. How long do the trips take sometimes? Several hours?

The way to combat this boredom, especially for those who have to be in a vehicle for a few hours, is playing online games. You can play those games much better if you use your laptop, especially if you are traveling by train or bus. What are the best games? Well, we give you some ideas in this article.

5 games to liven up your trip

League of Legends

A strategy game of the MOBA genre that is brutally successful. You get to play online in real time. It is a game that combines speed, intensity and RPG elements. It is exciting and really interesting. Being a strategy game it is ideal to keep the mind active during the trip.

Casino games

Even if we are sitting in the seat of a train or an airplane, we can participate in casino games such as online slots. A classic that will keep us well distracted during the journey with the possibility end up winning big. If you’re not very familiar with online betting games, make sure to check some betting tips before you dive right in.


Another extremely popular game by Blizzard. It is a classic as it is an online collectible card game. This one but focuses on the popular Warcraft universe. The game is free, you only have to pay for some extra content.


Soccer lovers need more sport when the league ends. We love FIFA because it has a touch of brutal realism. It is another of the most popular games in the world, which year after year is chosen by the players as one of the best. First it came to consoles and now also in the world of online games. Surely the trip will be much shorter with it, there is no doubt.

Grand Theft Auto

Another of the classic games in the industry. It is a realistic game that adds adrenaline to the competition. Now with the possibility of adding multiplayer mode to make it even more exciting. So if you travel accompanied you can have a good time entertaining yourself while indulging yourself in the vices of the fictional Los Santos world of the game.

This is our choice of the five online games to liven up your trip. Now there are many more options. It is not always recommended that they play with a tablet, computer or mobile phone, as some people get dizzy. Especially on car or bus trips. That is why we recommend some word games, visualization, etc., that can be carried out without the need for a tablet or phone. And the best thing is that other people will also be able to participate and surely the trip will be much shorter.

Also remember that it is not good to be every hour of travel with your eyes focused on a screen. The games are ideal for the time to pass faster, but we must dose it. If the journey is very long, we recommend playing for a while and stopping, and so on, but with breaks.


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