The Ultimate Goggle Guide to Protect Your Eyes in Style

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January 26th 2019
Published: January 26th 2019
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Every rider knows that goggles are one of the most essential pieces of motorcycle apparel. Sure, they’re not as cool as jackets and jerseys, but they do enable you to ride with full sight and without the worry of getting a bug stuck in your eye. When getting ready to purchase your first pair, you will need to know what style you are looking for: off-road or street.


Off-road goggles are designed for rugged, all-terrain riders. Tending to be a little beefier than their street rider counterpart, these goggles are designed as tight-fitting shields with a broad and unobstructed view. Additionally, you can typically buy tear-off film for those days that you plan on getting really dirty.


Street goggles are a little more fashion forward, and many take on the appearance of sunglass’ slightly bulkier cousin. The critical difference between street goggles and sunglasses is the range of view. Motorcycle goggles have to allow for the peripheral view which means that the lens extends along a wider curve than sunglasses.


While most riders understand the phrase custom motorcycle parts to mean physical attributes of your bike, your goggles are an extension of your motorcycle experience, and they too can be customized. There are two basic ways to customize your goggles: (1) lens color/tint and (2) fit.

1. Lens Color and Tint
Lens colors/tints can vary from completely clear to rose colored and many colors and shades in between. The adjustments to color and tint are made to help with visibility.

2. Fit

The fit of your goggles is important because they need to be tight enough to eliminate air movement but not so tight that they leave evidence. You can use an adjustable strap or lens arms depending on your personal preference.

In the end, the goggles that are right for you will depend on the type of riding you're interested in and the size and shape of your face and head. Don’t just get what looks cool, find the style that is most comfortable and gives you the greatest range of visibility.


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