The Pros and Cons of Transportation

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June 13th 2018
Published: June 13th 2018
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Boats, trains, planes, and automobiles. There are so many different ways to travel around this great nation. Each form of transportation has its own pros and cons. Here, we’ll examine them all.


Most people don’t choose boats as their primary form of transportation but instead to venture on amazing cruises or ferry from one place to another. Cruises provide an unforgettable and often all-inclusive opportunity. Meaning that most cruise ships are equipped with countless restaurants, activities, pools, theaters, and casinos. Not only that but depending on which cruise line you choose and where you’re traveling, passengers will have the opportunity to explore local areas when the boat docks at various places. This will be a cultural experience and a chance to purchase souvenirs and take some pretty amazing photographs.

Ferries are awesome for quickly getting from one place to another over a small body of water. Some ferries allow you to drive your vehicle right on board, which means you and your form of transportation will be delivered to your desired location. This can cut commuting time in half and who doesn’t enjoy a nice boat ride?


Some of the most famous train systems in the world include the Trans-Siberian Express, The British Pullman, Amtrak, and Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express. Traveling by train can be quite an adventure and is perfect for those who don’t want to drive or have a fear of flying. But be advised that a simple train ride from one coast to the other can take upwards of 3 days! So be prepared to add some extra travel time into your vacation. Although, you can also make the rain ride part of the adventure. Another perk to train travel is that it’s often cost-effective and flexible. This means you can plan a spontaneous getaway and likely grab a train ticket that very same day.


Perhaps the most preferred way to travel, more than 87,000 flights take off in the United States per day! Flying is relatively convenient and timely. A flight from New York to Florida can take less than 3 hours. You can make it across the country in under 6 hours. If time is of the essence for you than flying is the way to go. There are also a lot of opportunities to earn frequent flyer miles and other perks that allow you to fly for free or at a discounted rate. If you’re traveling alone, you can take advantage of standby flights or give up your seat to earn points or cash! Of course, some people find the hassle of checking bags, going through security, and getting to and from the airport to be too much. Like with anything, flying has its pros and cons.


Did someone say road trip? There’s something exhilarating about packing up your car and heading on vacation. The music, the car games, the sites, and the pit stops. You can stop when you want or power through to your destination. Most road trips are part of the fun. You’ll need to make sure your auto insurance is up to date, you have plenty of gas, an emergency roadside kit, a map and/or a reliable GPS. But sometimes, getting lost can be an adventure as well. Some people can’t stand sitting or being in the car for too long. You can combat this by taking plenty of rests and stopping periodically to stretch. Others just simply don’t have the time nor the patience to travel far distances by car. Know your limits before planning a road trip.

Safe Travels

No matter which forms of transportation you choose for your next getaway, be sure to do your research and make a wise decision. Consider things like cost, duration of the trip, your destination, and your traveling companions. Vacation should be relaxing so choose whichever option is least stressful and most fun for you.


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