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September 28th 2017
Published: October 9th 2017
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Well...family, friends, and random strangers that somehow found this post...we're off on a new adventure! If you haven't heard yet, Matt has officially accepted a job in Taichung, Taiwan! He will be moving there in a couple of weeks (yep, this is quick!) and I'll be following about a month later once I finish things up here in Colorado and get the dog settled. I'll be visiting friends and family in Tennessee and Ohio during that time.

For those of you who have never met our dog Marshall, here he is 😊

Marshall already has an updated rabies shot and we've made sure his microchip is compliant with Taiwan's import policies (it needs to be a 15-digit ISO chip...his was 10 digits so we got him chipped again. Let's hope that works for them!). He still needs his rabies blood test drawn, two health certificates (one signed by a USDA licensed vet), an application to the Taiwanese government notifying them that he's entering the country, and I have to make a reservation for him at the quarantine facility. He has a 180 day wait from the time the bloodwork is drawn before he can enter the country and, even after all of those hoops, there's still a mandatory 21 day quarantine in a government kennel. It's pretty crazy. I'll blog more about all of that as I complete it in case it helps someone else down the road.

Right now we're rushing to get stuff done before the big move day. We've gotten our International Driving Permits (which can be done at pretty much any AAA office), cancel our phones with Verizon, port our numbers over to Google Voice so we can still get calls and texts from home, Matt needs an unlocked phone, stock up on medications for the dog, I'm stocking up on a few toiletries that I don't want to worry about finding substitutions for in Taiwan just yet, and getting some basic medical stuff taken care of while everything is still in English. We're also trying to figure out what we're bringing and how to get it there. What a whirlwind!


7th November 2017

Hi Matt and Mandi, I saw your comment on a forum and came over to check out your blogs. I was going to comment on the latest post, but Marshall caught my eye - what an absolute cutie! I hope to check out your older blogs soon, and am so glad you use the Trip function for easy finding :)
8th November 2017

Re: Marshall
Thank you so much! Marshall is going on 12 years old and really has been an awesome dog. It's so hard leaving him with my sister in the States until we can bring him to Taiwan to be with us! Thanks for reading about our adventures...the big move happens Friday so we'll have much more exciting stuff posted then :)

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