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June 27th 2017
Published: June 27th 2017
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Woke early so I could arrive before sunrise at Rossmore Monument. Got there about 3am and first in the queue. Got woken up by the ranger to say that I was blocking everyone from getting in. He only just arrived himself. Got a park near the front door and the Sky was just turning pink. Normal cost is $10 as it was before most of the shops were open we all got in for free. Took a few pics then travelled towards Buffalo. I noticed an old wrecking yard where I might find some Number plates. By the time I got off the freeway I had to go back 3-4 miles to get to it. Only to find it was shut. Apparently they don't work on Sundays either over here. Was going to try and make it to Yellowstone. but only got another 30 miles when I saw an opportunity to capture some wildlife in the wild. So I decided I would camp the night also. I got out of the car and accidently locked the car with the keys in it. The first car I flagged down were very helpful, but didn't have anything with them to unlock the car with. They said they would stop at the next stop and send someone out. 2 campsites and 3 cars later a family with a caravan had a coathanger, which we tried for half hour with no luck it wasn't rigid enough to hold. they then gave me a stay the thickness of a light tentpeg. After a bit of maneuvering success. after they put everything away I shut the door only to realise I locked it again. Lucky they were still there. Because I was at the snow level near the top of the range. Would of been one very cold night to be sleeping outside in Tshirt and shorts.

As it was I woke up about 2.30am freezing the proverbiles off. Got up and turned the heater on and decided since I'm up might as well be driving. By the time I got to Yellowstone I was nice and toasty. At the toll gate they charged me $30 to enter the park and a further $20 for Grand Teton NP. After letting him know that we didn't have to pay last time I was here for GT NP he still insisted that I had to this time. As it turned out no one was being charged to enter GT NP. So they got an extra $20 from me a a few other suckers.

Just inside the park was a pond giving good reflections. I saw a few trees that were criss crossed and giving a good photo, but nowhere to park by the time I got to the other end The view was gone, but I think the one I got was ok. One reason I wanted to visit Y NP again was to photograph Bears and Moose. Niether showed up nor did I see any elk, which are usually on the other side of the park. The scenery was awesome though.

Travelled South through the Grand Teton NP. There was a sign board saying to be careful as there were bears with cubs crossing the road, but I never saw them. Passed another group of Buffalo just before getting to Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole was cluttered with tourist and I noticed a whole mob of them standing in a circle down one street. So I went to investigate and managed to see the tail end of a re-enactment of by-gone days. I then had a buffalo burger at the Cowboy Saloon. The seats at the bar were all saddles.

This will most likely be the last post in this episode of Travel with Ausirus. Looking forward to my next adventure somewhere sometime. Thankyou for reading my dribble

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27th June 2017

National Park
Firstly I would like to thank you for your blog & none of it has been dribble as you put it it has been informative & the photos are amazing you have made a it if my clients very happy as some of them are isolated & lonely but you have put a smile on there face as after they have had a shower we have been having a cupcake & a chat and reading your blogs & looking at the photos they can't wait until I come back to see the next blog or photos so again I say thank you from the bottom of my heart glad you got into your car I would have been so stressed regards Marsha

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