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August 28th 2006
Published: September 1st 2006
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Day 24 - August 28, 2006

First thing in the morning, we took Krysten to an Urgent Care to have her eyes examined. She was diagnosed with corneal damage, and was given a prescription for eye drops. We enjoyed an early lunch at Bubba's Barbecue. The chocolate buttermilk pie was great (Cody is definitely a great "pie" town). But Beartooth Barbecue in West Yellowstone, MT had much better barbecue.

From Cody, we drove down to Thermopolis, home of the world's largest hot springs (Hot Springs State Park). Scott and Austin played ball in Thermopolis, at a park. There was lots of lush grass (a rare sight on this trip, we had almost forgotten what is looks like). We saw a small part of the springs, then drove on to Legend Rock (in the middle of oil fields and grazing land; lots of oil and cattle and rabbits in WY) to view the petroglyphs. (We were given a key at Hot Springs State Park and told to "let ourselves in" and just drop the key in the receptacle there. Wow, what trusting people, I would have asked for 3 forms of ID plus a credit card imprint!)

It took us about 45 minutes to get to Legend Rock (30 miles). We started hiking down the trail, going about an hour and seemingly not reaching anything. Krysten and Robert gave up and went back to the RV, which made Scott nervous, (we had been warned to watch out for rattlesnakes). Scott and I went up to the cliff thru some animal trail and there they were! The petroglyphs (283 of them) are carved into the length of the cliff wall, starting at the point where the trail starts. (The actual trail goes up, not down; we had apparently been following a dry creek bed.) They were pretty neat for drawings dating from 500 - 1700 AD.

After dropping the key, we drove to Worland, WY. We saw a ton of rabbits, (they really are prolific in WY) including a very large jackrabbit. We also saw many pronghorn deer. And they kept crossing the road, so much so that Scott ended up at 45 mph to avoid hitting the deer. (The rabbits, for the most part, could scamper across the road without getting hit.) We also saw a couple of antelope, an entire family of raccoons, and a couple of red-tailed hawks. We stopped in Worland, asked for a campground (Scott researched most campgrounds we stayed at.) We stayed at Worland Campground (subtitled "a place to hang your hat"). And left early the next morning.

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1st September 2006

Amazing Pictures Once Again (the petroglyphs not the rabbits)
Great pictures of the petroglyphs. Thanks again for sharing. One of the 2 buffalo in the picture of the buffalo intimidators at Yellowstone remind me of the one of the wall at the Country Bear Jamboree in Disney World! Plus all those elk pictures have got my heart thumping. If it is not too late, if you can bring one home for me I would greatly appreciate it. :-) Not sure how you can hide him the RV though!

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