Yellowstone, short, but amazing!

Published: November 9th 2017
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The day started in Bozeman, Montana, and finished in Idaho Falls, Idaho....yes it was a very long day....but what a beautiful day spent mainly in Wyoming.

Can you visit the Yellowstone National Park in a single day. It's difficult, we did it...let say I have the felling we may have seen 75% of the main sights. The Yellowstone National Park is the first and I believe the biggest National Park in the United States. It is adjacent to Teton National Park, but that will be for another visit for us. Yellowstone is not only a first for Tanya, it's a first for me too...and what a place!

We had no idea how beautiful is this place. It is end of August, and they still have tourists all over. But the park is so huge that it never felt that overcrowded. First stop, the Albright Visitor center to collect a map and try to design a plan for the day. One thing for sure, forget about seeing everything in a single day...we just to be out of there before nighttime and wildlife running over the road!

Next was the Mammoth hot Springs! Reminder, we did few months ago the geysers of North Island New Zealand with Tanya. We both still have to visit Kamchatka....but I did already Iceland as well as Bolivia...and we are back in Bolivia mid-2018! So yes, I've got something with geysers. Let be honest, it's not because they smell like rotten eggs! This time, I'm equipped with my new HDR Landscape mode on the new Pentax. If you follow this, you know I have abused this for a little while already!

So first, the Mammoth Hot the Loop Road...on fall, than some little off-road...meaning off tar road...than more...taller....falls....and finally the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

For the nice views of the Grand need to trek down....than up...and it's kind of....seriously down....We are on a tight schedule, so when I told Tanya.....ok, just follow me....2 minutes later I got are running answer was...yes, and I'll run up I got to the bottom on my own....tight schedule!

Next, we have the Yellowstone lake...and way more geysers...and now I'm looking at my watch. We just have to leave the park by 7.30pm.....who cares at what time we reach the hotel. So there are a lot more geysers ahead....we went left, here and there...and decided to no stop here and there too!

Yellowstone, we conquered.....we will be back....just because I want to ski Jackson Hole one day ,and it's next door in Teton!

The idea was to drive out of the wildlife before sunset...we did it! We reached Idaho Falls pretty late. Another hotel with a private kitchen....we had the supplies...and the wine. That night, dinner was way past 10pm...and next morning, the alarm clock was set for 6.30am! Sleep we another life....or rather another holiday.

We saw Yellowstone....pretty happy about it. We could have easily spend 4-5 days here...but we did see what we came for, and it was amazing! blog, just drinks with friends...and more bubbles later one...because life on the not that bad!

If you get bored of our little road trip...don't panic, only two blogs to go....and yes, this morning at home, I dived with thousands of hammerheads!

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