Yellowstone, again

Published: June 15th 2012
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We headed straight to the East side of the park today, stopping off for a quick hike to see the Upper Falls, near Canyon Village.

After the Falls, we made a couple more stops (at Yellowstone River and then Hayden Valley), which is meant to be a favourite hang out of Grizzly's, but no such luck today.

We then stopped at Sulphur Cauldron, which sits on the most active part of the park. The cauldron was bubbling aggressively and it was amazing to think that the volcano was most active at the point at which we were standing.

Near the Sulphur Cauldron was the Mud Volcano, which was pretty much that. The hike was just under a mile long and there was a sign warning us that a bear was in the vicinity and to be cautious.

Although we didnt see a bear, there was a bison on the path. I was happy to stay well away, but a Japanese tourist decided to try and walk around it. The bison was not happy about this and grunted repeatedly at the guy, who wouldnt back away. Luckily, the bison got distracted by a noise in the opposite direction and walked off the path to investigate and we all edged past it safely.

Again, I was not as impressed with this area of the park, so we moved onto Fishing Bridge Viewpoint, which was really pretty. It is a bridge (that you are not allowed to fish from!?) over Yellowstone River. The views from both sides are gorgeous and we got some nice piccies.

Our final hike was at West Thumb Geyser Basin, which is right on lake Yellowstone. This area was picturesque - lots of different colours and textures anf hte river even contained steaming geysers and rock formations.

We headed back to West Yellowstone and had dinner in Three Bears Restaurant, which was FANTASTIC.

After dinner, we had a swim in our hotel pool, which was lush.


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