Grand Tetons

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001 Grand Tetons001 Grand Tetons001 Grand Tetons

Darn clouds are hiding the total beauty of this shot. Shari I know why you love this place.
Well I'm back .............
We had 5 days in the Yellowstone - Grand Teton area and we had no dependable wi-fi or cell service. When we first got there everything was OK but the rumor was someone cut a main cable line and half of the state was down. The days we were in Yellowstone the sun managed to come out but the days we were exploring the Tetons were cloudy and light rain on and off. I'll try to split the pictures so that the Yellowstone ones are on one post the Tetons on the second post. I am sooooo bummed that the Teton pictures aren't better because these moutains are magnificant giants and amazingly beautiful. The clouds really ruined the pics. The snow melt plus the rains have all the streams and rivers running wild. We didn't get to take float trip we wanted because of too much swift water. Maybe we will have to come back for that. Too much water for some things but it sure made for some beautiful water falls. We are now in Montana and can't wait to see Montana Kerri !! I will post more again when we have wi-fi. Who knows when
066  Grand Tetons066  Grand Tetons066 Grand Tetons

This is MaMa Moose she came to our RV park every night. This is the first time we saw her.
that will be ?? Enjoy the pics and remember they don't do the real countryside justice.

Love to all,
G Ma

PS The last two pictures show you the streams and the rushing water why we couldn't take the float trip we wanted to.

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067  Grand Tetons067  Grand Tetons
067 Grand Tetons

Mama Moose came back day 2
Grand Tetons 016Grand Tetons 016
Grand Tetons 016

Jackson Hole welcome center
Grand Tetons 017Grand Tetons 017
Grand Tetons 017

More from the welcome center
068  Grand Tetons068  Grand Tetons
068 Grand Tetons

She really wondered why we were taking pictures

I think she wants us to leave so she can bed down for the night.
Grand Tetons 010Grand Tetons 010
Grand Tetons 010

This doesn't show the real beauty of these mountains but it was the best we could do with the clouds and rain. I would come back in a heart beat.

15th June 2010

cloudy teton
The clouds seem to give great depth and majesty to the mountains

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