Yellowstone- On the moose hunt

Published: July 24th 2014
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Someone is snoozin' while someone is trying to blogSomeone is snoozin' while someone is trying to blogSomeone is snoozin' while someone is trying to blog

Slow wifi. Will upload pictures tomorrow! Signing out.
Day 14 UPDATE: We tried Rocky Mountain oysters at the bar. (Aka deep fried bull testicles). Can cross that off the random foods list! Also, it just so happens that 80% of people in the state of Wyoming, whether living or visiting, drive a Subaru. Just an observation. Also, while we are recapping, that loud POP on day 1 of our trip turned out to be a beer in the cooler. The cooler was mostly empty except for a few warm beers so it rolled around a tad too much.

Day 15- Woke up early again to get an early start on Yellowstone. We quickly packed up our site in the slight rain that had been on and off all night. We watch Old Faithful go off around 9am and spent the morning exploring the different geyser and hot springs. We moved north through the park and stopped at the Grand Prismatic Springs. The colors were unreal! It honestly looks just like it does when you google it as it does in person. Then, we decided we should secure a campsite, although, the entire park was booked. By dinner time, we found ourselves off of a bleak mountain road in the Montana hills near the north park entrance, recommended to us by the Yellowstone visitors center. It was raining with lightning and thunder, again, as we got set up but it quickly subsided. Very minimal amenities but our shared site (a family with an RV offered to share their site/fire ring/table since they weren't using it and the 12 other sites were full) but we had a creek near by, saw a double rainbow and had a beautiful view of the mountains. No complaints for $7. We even made some new friends with this young couple on their way to South Carolina. They were coming from Portland, OR back to his home town. She is flying back to New Zealand in a few weeks to start studying for the Bar exam. They were easy to talk to and fun campfire companions. Hoping to cross paths with Bryan and Natasha again some day, safe travels!

Day 16- We headed back into Yellowstone to snag a campsite in Tower creek campgrounds. We hiked a 4mile loop past Lost Lake and the Petrified tree. Not only was it full of beautiful sites but wildflowers (and bugs) surrounded us the entire way as well. After, we drove to Canyon Village and checked out the Museum (with details on all the hot spots) and Yellowstone's Grand Canyon. When we returned to our campsite, the ranger was hosting a talk on wolves in the park.

Day 17- Time flies when you're having fun. Part 1 of our glorious trip is dwindling to an end. Drove to Winnamuca, NV today and back to Chico, CA tomorrow.


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