Yellowstone Day 1

Published: August 24th 2019
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We did not wake up early, rarely do on these trips, but, figured we’d make it to everything in the two days we had in the area.

We started at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center because it was close by and we wanted to see what was offered. The kids had to visit the animals right away and we signed the kids up for the Bear food hiding for 3:30 on Thursday. The wolf pups were out so we were all happy to see them. We drove on to Yellowstone.

The kids mainly wanted to see Old Faithful so that is where we headed. On the way to Old Faithful there are plenty of areas of fumaroles, kids went wild seeing them. The wildflowers with the fumaroles in the background were so beautiful.

We finally made it to Old Faithful and Dale dropped us off at the Visitor’s Center. While Dale parked we picked up the Jr. Ranger books and headed out to see Old Faithful Erupt. As we waited, a ranger came along and gave a talk on the Super Volcano, Old Faithful, and the local environment. He told us why people should stay out of the roped-off areas; ie: the crust has taken several hundred years to form and the water has various minerals in it.

Kids looked out for rule offenders and started warning people after the ranger talk; “the water is dangerous” “don’t damage the crust”. Finally, I told them to just let the rangers get after people, there were too many disregarding the signs. But kids were still discussing between themselves when someone would disobey the signs.

We bought ice cream and 4 of us sat down on logs out of the sun. Lucian didn’t join us as he found a table with 1 chair for himself inside the lodge.

On the way back to the RV we took a leisurely walk around the Lower Geyser Basin. There are several geysers located close together that erupt at the same time, mud pots and beautiful pools of water. I had a wonderful time shooting photos and kids were amazed by the sights.

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