Grand Teton to Yellowstone

Published: August 26th 2015
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We are currently scabbing some power from a fast food restaurant in Yellowstone having purchased the cheapest thing on the menu… how the mighty have fallen. We are also on day 9 of tent living, it’s Friday 21st so this will get posted when we have internet – there’s not much of anything in the wilderness!

The last couple of days in Grand Teton were eventful for mainly two counts. We saw two bears. One was extremely close and seemed quite happy that about 20 tourists were taking pictures (selfies in our case) of him. What made this even more extraordinary was that we were on a 10 mile hike classed as “very strenuous” and we saw other people attempting it.

The final full day in Grand Teton was Papa Perrow’s 60th birthday so we went to the visitor centre to scab more free wifi in order for Vicks to give him a call. After quite a delayed and frustrating conversation Mark pointed out that maybe his Dad should stand near the router for a better signal. Anyway, Happy (very late now) Birthday Mike, you look better in lycra than any 30 year old I know J

Arriving in Yellowstone was maybe not as picturesque as Grand Teton but having set out our home for the next 6 days we headed to West Thumb for some geothermal pools and hot springs. All dead pretty and blew my mind a little how these things appear. Then on return to our campsite two lovely Canadian girls decided to give us all their food as they couldn’t “cross the border” with what they had – queue scenes of dead excitement.

Yesterday was a full day walking around Upper Geyser Basin which houses Old Faithful. After turning up and getting a good seat to watch her blow (no rude thoughts) the rangers got it spot on with their prediction. Was pretty impressive.

We then set ourselves walking around the other geysers, pools and hotsprings only to walk past a geyser called “Beehive” (looked like one). There was a ranger with a more impressive beard than mine who told us to stay as it was about to go off. What he failed to tell us was how much water was going to come out of it and we were directly in the firing line. Water spurted some 150ft in the air and then blew directly onto us meaning that we were soaked. Dead cool though.

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