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North America » United States » Wyoming » Teton Village July 28th 2013

Weather was a cool 60+ degrees F this morning so we headed off to Teton Village to mountain bike down Jackson Hole Mountain. Luckily there were many trails to fit our abilities. Dean and Mary Ann took off together for about the first 6 runs. Mary Ann took a tumble on the 3rd run but continued on. Drew and Sean tackled the more difficult runs from the start and then when Mary Ann was done, Dean joined them for another 2 hours. Tired everyone out... and then the boys headed to the pool when we got back to our cabin. Dean and Mary Ann relaxed on the porch watching some kids fish in the creek and saw a muscrat swim by. Raining again but the boys have stuck it out at the pool.... read more
Guys getting ready for a run up the mountain on the ski lift
Getting on the Ski Lift
Early Run for Dean

North America » United States » Wyoming » Teton Village July 24th 2013

We set off today to ride the aerial tram at the ski area in Teton Village. When we got to the top the guys couldn't take their eyes off of the paragliders running off of the cliff 3000 feet above the valley. So.........Drew and Sean decided to try tandem paragliding and had a great time. Hard to beat but after leaving Teton Village we drove back into Jackson to do the alpine slide at Snow King. The slide was fun and we also did a round of mini golf (Sean won this time). After just a little rest we headed off to the Jackson Rodeo being held as part of the Teton County Fair. Lots of fun as always - Drew got to wear his new hat along with the boots he brought from home.... read more
Another View from the Top
Sean from above
Drew view from above

North America » United States » Wyoming » Teton Village September 19th 2011

It’s amazing how much sleep you need when on the go all day. By 8:30 at night I’m tired and by 9 it’s bed time. You’d think one would wake up at 5 am, not to be. We usually rolled out of the sack about 7 and by that time the sun was just starting to dance on the tips of the Tetons. It is dark in the woods where Pennelope is and of course quiet, because it’s still quiet hours, so there’s no choice but to sleep in. Besides, we’re on vacation! All this is leading up to say that we slept in this morning. After our wonderful coffee we had oatmeal walnut pancakes and were off to Oxbow Bend. I must digress a moment. Denise has taken on some chores that have made her ... read more
Old homestead fixer-upper,, but look at the view
right at home
look at the front yard

North America » United States » Wyoming » Teton Village September 17th 2011

It is up early today and on the road to get to the airport to pick up my sister Dedie. She is flying into Jackson which is supposed to be 2 hours away. I rearranged the bed so we could sleep a different way and made room in the cabinet for her clothes. When I get home I am getting rid of half the things I have in the camper, entirely too much stuff. I was on the road by 8:45 and the weather had improved tremendously from yesterday. The sun was coming up and the trees sparkled with the remnants of last nights downpours. Picture The road went for miles with just small trees, all new growth from the 88 fire. The new trees are now 15 to 20 ft tall and very thick and ... read more
first view of the Tetons over Jackson Lake
The Grand  13742 ft
elk antler arch in Jackson

North America » United States » Wyoming » Teton Village June 27th 2010

Sunday June 27th Daily Information High temp: 74 Low temp: 38 Campground Elevation: 6,822 above sea level Highest Elevation: 6,822 above sea level Lowest Elevation: 6,822 above sea level Traveled 1 miles plus boat miles Departed 7:09AM For Breakfast Cruise Weather wonderful, cool, low humidity and no clouds. Highlights Cruised to Elk Island on the Rendezvous for breakfast with Captain Brent at the helm We had sausage, eggs, rainbow trout, hash browns, pancakes, fruit, hot chocolate, tea and coffee After breakfast we hiked to the top of the island looking for Elk and we didn’t see any The lake was covered with ice up until the middle of May. 2-4 feet thick Elk swim to and from the island and are able to do this because of the air pockets in their fur Beautiful sights, mountains, ... read more
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010

North America » United States » Wyoming » Teton Village June 25th 2010

Friday June 25th Daily Information High temp: 81 Low temp: 52 Campground Elevation: Highest Elevation: 9642 above sea level Lowest Elevation: 5347’ above sea level Traveled 305 miles Departed 9:00AM Weather wonderful cool and low humidity. Highlights Saw first Prong Horned Deer then many followed Tumble weed everywhere Took a forty mile detour to see Independence Rock The Oregon Trail past by the rock and was know as the halfway point from Missouri to Oregon, then through Devil’s Gate Crossed Continental Divide twice -7,174 and 6720 Feet Saw Salt Flats Distant mountains totally covered with snow. (Wind River Range) Many Wild Horses at different times A Blue Heron in Lander, WY Saw the Teton Range at 3:30PM and at the same time a mother Elk grazing just below us Entered Teton, NP at 4:15PM 600 Species ... read more
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010
West Trip 2010

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