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July 27th 2007
Published: August 25th 2007
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Amanda again. So today we met for breakfast at 7am. Is this vacation? It was a gorgeous morning. The view from the Granary over to the Tetons is amazing. There were clouds hanging low through the valley, and once again, it is just nothing like being at home. After breakfast, we were off to Jenny Lake to take a boat across and take a hike. My mom wanted to go a 14-mile hike. We made it about 4. Now granted, a large part of that was incredibly steep up a rocky climb. But let’s just say Dave and I never thought we’d make it 14 anyway, and it was awesome every step of the 4. The weather was cool in the morning, and then the sun broke though the clouds and Grand Teton peaked through with snow still on it. We saw several waterfalls - some huge. At times we hiked along the water. We went up to Inspiration Point, which looks down over Jenny Lake, and Grand Teton and Mount Moran behind. What a place to have a snack. And then up further to some more falls, where we found a little private spot, took our shoes off, put our feet
First Set of WaterfallsFirst Set of WaterfallsFirst Set of Waterfalls

First set of waterfalls on the hike of many
in the water, and sunned on rocks for about a half hour. Well we couldn’t really leave our feet in the water too long at one time since the water was FREEZING. But it felt so great. My mom took a little doze. Dave, Breen and I chatted and relaxed in this gorgeous setting with the water rushing by.

And then, back down. Down went so much faster than up. Funny how that happens. We passed this family hiking down - 2 parents, a boy, a girl, and a baby. They’d been up and hiking around for 3 days, and were headed out. A baby with all the diapers (clean and dirty) and all the things a family would need for three days, and their trash. Did we mention that it rained yesterday? I was impressed. These kids were some laid back kids, and those were some brave parents. And besides, campers impress me anyway. Dave and I didn’t even have to discuss the fact that neither of us wants to camp - ever. We’re glad we’re on the same page on that. But a view-filled half-day hike was very nice for us today.

Later, we went with
View from Inspiration PointView from Inspiration PointView from Inspiration Point

looking down on Jenny Lake
the p’s to my mom’s attorney-friend Jim’s house for a party/dinner. Jim’s party is really tomorrow night, but since a large portion of the guests are from out of town, they also had everyone over tonight for fantastic food, cocktails, and another spectacular view of the Tetons and a gorgeous sunset. They had a tamale bar. It was soo good. Her attorney friends were fun, funny, unexpected, laid back. We had a good time talking with everyone. A great pre-party…can’t wait for tomorrow night with a band!

Additional photos below
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Big Hikers!Big Hikers!
Big Hikers!

the four of us on our big hike
Grand Teton Peeking ThruGrand Teton Peeking Thru
Grand Teton Peeking Thru

As the sun came out, we got our first great views of Grand Teton
Resting SpotResting Spot
Resting Spot

Dave dipping his feet in where we relaxed for awhile
Looking UpLooking Up
Looking Up

Laying down, looking up at the sky and trees above

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