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July 26th 2015
Published: July 26th 2015
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Raven judging me on the side of highway 22, Jackson HoleRaven judging me on the side of highway 22, Jackson HoleRaven judging me on the side of highway 22, Jackson Hole

Jackson can be proud of its bike route, it's well kept and goes all the way to Yellowstone, going through de Grand Tetons National Park. Plus, it's boarded by wonders over wonders. But camping there? Not my favorite spot. It ended well anyway.
Yesterday I cycled my way up the Teton Pass and then down to Jackson Hole, a lovely westernish touristic town. I was oh so tired and, as usual, unprepared, last minute and badly timed with the touristic season. Now the first logical thing to do would have been to find a place to sleep that night and then enjoy town. I even met a fellow touring group who told me they had a wonderful Warmshower host, and that maybe he could accommodate me too. But you see, I was thirsty. And one thing they do brag about in this town is their wiskey. .. So I found a bar, got lost in the I-have-wi-fi zone and failed to find the said host, tried some last minute Couchsurfing with no answer, then proceeded around 10pm to ask every motel in town if they had vacancy to finally head for the Teton national park that was only 4miles away and was my destination anyway. Alright, I’m badly prepare and that means my shower won’t be for tonight has I had foolishly hoped. But I’ll wake up to the Tetons, life is kind after all!
2miles in, don’t ask me how, crick, poc frrrrrrrt.
My bag rack abandoned the party. I repeat, the metal part that was the strongest they had in store and cost me a bit more than I dare say is kissing the ground with three of my four overloaded fashion purses. It is pitch black dark. I’m stuck on the bike route and can’t go anywhere, how do you want me to cary all of that, on my bike and where would I go, hun?
So that is how I pitched my tent in the darkness on the side of the highway, between the Elk Reservation fence and the tall grass from the ditch that I hope will hide me until tomorrow morning. Luckily my tent is a dark green colour and might just save me the embarrassment, I have a feeling I am not in total legality right now. BUT WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?!
I don’t think I can duct tape that..


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