Last of Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

Published: May 26th 2017
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On the agenda for the day: checking out of Cody, Wy then on to Rawlins, Wy but first Lake Yellowstone and Old Faithful Geyser. Go down through the Grand Tetons picnic lunch and maybe boat ride.

• Check out was easy & no problems. Decided we would find somewhere different for breakfast. Found Our Place Cafe. Wow what a great family run place. Great food & coffee. The owner Jim and his family run the place.
• Headed for the last time in the east gate of Yellowstone. Got stuck in a huge buffalo jam then something happened. Two huge buffalo demonstrated it was mating season right in front of the car. We couldn't move so we just watched and hoped nothing went through the grill. It wasn't the full monty but definitely enough for a freak out. No pics we were all too stunned by these huge animals and the reminder we were in the wild. Drove around Lake Yellowstone stopping in at the pull outs. It is so cool to see the hot geysers under the cold lake.
• Then on to Old Faithful Geyser area. Dave & I wanted to check out Old Faithful Inn so we split off from Mom & Dad. Watched Old Faithful do it's thing then some other geysers from a far. Mom & Dad went to check them out more close up. Old Faithful Inn is gorgeous and simple on the inside - beautiful log building. This area was pretty crowded so once we were done I went to check out the general store while Dave found the parents and the car. I got some great end of the season deals on stuff for the kids back home.
• We then headed down out the South Gate straight into Grand Tetons National Park.Spotted a bull elk along the way. So cool till crazies showed up getting out of their car on the side of the road. The elk started bugling and we took off. The plan was stop at Jenny Lake for picnic and boat ride. But we were all beat and snippy so just did a quick check it out and ate car snacks for lunch.
• Rest of the day was pretty uneventful - stopped somewhere at dinner time for some truly awful Mexican food. Checked into to Comfort Inn in Rawlins for the night.

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