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North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh July 9th 2013

As Mark Twain once said, "Twenty years from now you be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.” The adventure I am about to embark actually began about 28 months ago when I decided to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration. The program I chose was the Tech MBA Online through Michigan Technological University located in Houghton, MI. I chose to do this program for three main reasons: 1) It was an accelerated program – a tough 24 months of intense study, but in 24 months it’s all over! 2) It was online – I didn’t have to drive anywhere, I could chose to study as I wanted or however best fit my schedule 3) The final global residency in India. These next few blogs will be about ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh July 28th 2012

I did my standard morning routine again this morning, moving it forward by about half an hour, to make sure that I would get a front row seat on the busiest day of the week. Apparently something like 550 000 people attend on this Saturday every year.I put my chair down and headed to the Warbirds area, for the umpteenth time, still fascinated. I noticed the pilot of the AT-6 in SAAF colours uncovering his canopy, so I headed over to have a chat with him. His name was Stan Markus, and he does not have a South African accent, much as I expected. He bought the aircraft in 2006 and left the colour scheme as he found it. In a recent overhaul of the engine, he got a South African 50C coin from our campsite ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh July 27th 2012

My day started a bit differently this morning. We had a group photo, and Athol Franz was being picky. The group had a great time ripping him apart. I took my standard walk down to the flightline and put my chair down in anticipation for the massive show expected the afternoon. I decided I should possibly do some memorabilia shopping before I left, so I bought myself a couple of T-Shirts, Caps, and a really interesting book on the B-29 type and its combat history. I had another walk through the warbirds area and saw that even more T-28s had arrived. I am almost prepared to saw that the T-28 is to the USA at an airshow, what the the Harvard is to South Africa at an airshow; extremely numerous. I hopped on the free Warbirds ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh July 26th 2012

My day started with donuts in the camp and then my usual walk out to the flightline to put my chair in place. The weather looked a bit bad, and it started raining just before I was set to walk out, but it cleared quickly, and I could continue. I stood on the observation platform for about an hour waiting for a C-5 Galaxy to come in, which never did. In the waiting I saw some Mustangs fly out, numerous civilian aircraft, and just enjoyed the atmosphere around me. I decided that I would go to the EAA Museum today. The museum is part of the airport complex, but it still required a tram and a bus to get me there. I was really impressed by the scale of the museum, especially for such a small ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh July 25th 2012

I have an idea that this is going to be a reasonably short entry; I am exhausted from all the walking and the sun. I had what appears to be the normal morning for me in Oshkosh. Early up and then breakfast followed by a walk to the flightline. I had a plan this morning, I would put my chair on the flight line first thing. This meant that my spot would be reserved for thhe airshow the afternoon, and no one would be walking, or standing in front of me. This went off well. I took a walk down to the warbirds area to see if anything new had arrived overnight, and as normal, something had. The aircraft that most noteable stood out was the A-36 Apache Fighter aircraft. I would have called it a ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh July 24th 2012

I had a wonderful evenings rest. It seems all that walking takes it out of me. Some of the other people mentioned that they had struggled due to the music and partying in the camp boma, which my tent was pitched next to, but I didnt even wake up. I seem to be in the rhythym of waking up at 5.30, which is great. I had a nice breakfast of breakfast bagels, bread rolls, and a bunch of grapes. I decided to walk down to the flight line to get an early start to my day. At the flight line, I sat at the closest cafe and had a donut whilst using the wireless and trying to upload some photos. I saw a few new aircraft that had arrived overnight and walked up to the observation ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh July 23rd 2012

Dy 1 at EAA Airventure 2012 started off screaming; with Phil making everyone aware that he is awake and ready to start his day. I had a nice breakfast of toast and two bagels with peanut butter, and a nice cup of tea. I walked to the main gate and got there at about 6AM, when the gates open, and was informed that online ticket redeemkng was only opening at 7. I thought that this might have been a bit earlier, as even the people who hadnt bought tickets could get theirs by 6.30. It sounds like I'm moaning; I'm not. At the entrance stood a a stunning Cessna Grand Caravan Floatplane, done up with camouflage stripes; that is the aircraft you need. A long walk to the warbirds area was rewarded with the sight of ... read more

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh July 30th 2011

The EAA AirVebture Oshkosh is the largest aviation event anywhere, with about 10000 airplanes flying to it every year. All aviation journals report about it, but to see it is to believe it - it really is gigantic affair. After 6 days in Oshkosh we still haven't seen the North side airplane parking (there must be several thousand more planes, including a major gathering of Mooney - we missed it), and on the market with its hundreds of shops I found today a new area with most fascinating shops selling only aircraft screws - too late for serious shopping. We have seen the aviation legends Bob Hoover, Chuck Yeager and Burt Rutan and many more - and many more aviation related events, superb airshows (while writing this text, we are just sitting at beginning of the ... read more
camping airplanes in Oshkosh
the wordl's busiest control tower

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh July 25th 2011

Yesterday was the big day: our arrival in Oshkosh. We first had a visit in the Air Force Museum (one of the biggest airplane collection world wide, and many very unique airplanes - its difficult to make a short visit here). We had planned to leave Dayton (Ohio) in the late afternoon. But finally the thunderstorms caught up with us: when we left the Air Force Museum it started to rain heavily, and on the freeway it became windy as well - driving became quite difficult. And it got worse when we got closer to 'our' Wright-Brothers field - all cars seemed to swim with a large bow wave, and wind gusts splashed water around. So certainly no flight departure. But at the airport, we had internet access and got a larger weather picture - everywhere ... read more
Arrival in Oshkosh R27 downwind
much later at the campsite
settled in Oshkosh

North America » United States » Wisconsin » Oshkosh March 7th 2010

Preparation and Anticipation Everything is packed. I leave at first light.... read more

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