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July 6th 2010
Published: July 6th 2010
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Sharyn and I left Naples, Florida on Friday, June 25th.

Before going any further I want to say that I am using a tiny laptop. The keys are too close together for my fat little fingers. So, be prepared for some one finger typing errors.

We stopped just across the Grorgia state line at the Eagles Roost RV Park. It was a very nice place that we had seen on previous trips. It was never the right time of the day to stop until this year, however. During the night the power converter failed.
The air shut down as did all lights, fridge,etc. Luckily we got the name of a guy who would come out to the park and work on it. The slide and the awning were out, and the jacks were down, so moving it was nearly impossible. He jury rigged a converter to get us on the road. We will stop in Minnesota to get warranty work done on it. That is where we bought it.

We camped our way to my hometown of Rockford, Illinois. We spent a week at Blackhawk Valley campground. A very pretty park right on the Kiswaukee River. While there we visited with old firefighter friends and relatives. I did manage to visit a couple of fire stations that I had worked in over the years. These days I just ask who the oldest person in the station is. They are the only ones I know, as I retired 15 years ago. On the fourth of July we drove into Wisconsin to get together at my brother's lake side cottage. Many of my relatives came also. My sister drove up fron central Illinois, and one of my so drove in from Chicago. My other son is in Portland Oregon. It was expensive to fly, so he didn't make it. This cottage belonged to my parents since I was 15 years old. When they got too old to take care of it, my brother bought it. Over the years while my parents lived there, we had a family get together, there, every fourth of July. Mom would make baked Ziti, dad would grill chicken with BBQ sauce, and all the relatives would bring a dish to pass. We always had too much to eat, and always ate too much. It was no different this time. It was like old home week as it had been many years since we had the fourth party there. All the cousins grew up going there, so many great memories were brought out and exposed to the air. It is funny how our childhood memories differ from what we thought they were so long ago.

Leaving Rockford we headed to Stoughton, Wisconsin. Sharyn and I have friends there that winter close to us in Florida. We get together a lot when they are there, and always stop for dinner while passing through their summer home area. I also have a stepdaughter who lives in the area. We always try to get together with her too. In the morning, we will be leaving for Sharyn's family near the twin cities in Minnesota, ya sure, you betcha.


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