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December 2nd 2007
Published: December 3rd 2007
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NFCT Thru-Paddler!NFCT Thru-Paddler!NFCT Thru-Paddler!

Last portage - Darrin carrying his canoe up the banks of the St. John.
Darrin is quite possibly the most extroverted introvert you may ever meet. In his extroverted life, he is talkative and gregarious, and will share snippets and snapshots of his life experience with everyone around him. In his introverted life, he values solitude, and all that it brings him.

For me, this blog has been a joy to compose, and has allowed me to nearly paddle right along with Darrin. For him, the blog has provided a journalistic, extroverted, account of an introverted experience. The blog reflects my retelling of the stories, not Darrin’s. It certainly would have a different feel if he had written the narrative himself. But it is for you, the reader, and sharing it is an extroverted gesture. It is a third person narrative so as to preserve the introverted nature of Darrin’s journey.

We hope you enjoyed the journey.
Eve J. Komosa & Darrin L. Kimbler
December 2007


17th July 2009

Canoe Model
Which of the Nova Craft canoe models did Darrin use? I'm looking at the Bob's Special with an interchangeable center seat/yoke to paddle solo or tandem with my wife. Blue Steel w wood trim. Any thoughts on this boat?

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