Day 12: Improving Ranges

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November 12th 2013
Published: November 13th 2013
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All the hard work is paying off, because Chuck found out this afternoon at physical therapy that his flexion ranges are improving. Joy, joy, joy! Here's a happy camper enjoying zurek and kielbasa for lunch.

Last week, his left knee had a range of 10-111 degrees and today it is 9-114; the right knee was 8-109 and today it is 7-112. He's working his knees as frequently as possible while trying to manage the pain to a bearable level. Mark, his P.T., shared some encouraging news -- a patient of his who had replacements last April (now almost 8 months later) still does not have the ranges Chuck has already achieved only 12 days after surgery!

Here's a close-up of his nicely-healing incisions. Sutures come out on Friday!

And for some proof that his knees are getting better, below are the "before" and "after" photos side by side. In the "before" photo, it was impossible to get his knees any closer together. In the "after" photo, you can see an incredible improvement. He's still amazed when he looks in the mirror. He must continue to wear the compression socks all day long for 4 weeks to prevent blood clots.

Remember the 22 pounds Chuck gained between surgery day and 4 days later when he came home? He's lost all of it! That gives you an idea of the excessive swelling we were trying to control, and now his knees are starting to look skinny. His P.T. said he can easily feel the whole knee cap now.

Thank you again for your prayers and encouraging words -- they are making a difference!

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