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January 8th 2010
Published: January 9th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

A country boy in America is nothing without a pick-up, everyone drives a pick-up here!
We grabbed a pizza on the way and then on we go. No tolls here any more, piuh! The Nüvi said at our tempo we could make it to N'Orleans by 3 am. We still had no idea where and when we were going to stop or if we'd find a room and what it'd be like.

Living out of two suitcases and a small car is very relaxing actually. Always on the road, getting up early, no time to unpack. You need to be very organized and very tolerant. There is no way you could do this with someone who in the slightest gets on your nerves. There's hardly any me-time. The Americans just laugh at our car of course, especially when they here what we're doing! Nobody can understand it. It's weird, I'd expected Americans to be the type for long drives, bike tours, on the highway kind of things. They all have cars, mostly big comfortable ones, 4by4 etc. But they don't seem to do much with them. We're feeling a bit like the European version of Chevy Chase. What I'm glad about is that I have shut off completely and I think Olly has too. Germany and work seem very very far away. This is the life 😉
Our motivation to come here and do this trip was the same we always have for our travels: been there, seen it, know it. We both wanted so much to see the world, meet interesting people and just find out what it's like elsewhere. Well, we couldn't afford a yacht and a seven years brake, so instead we do these weird trips. The more unusual and individual the better. So we started off with the “where to?” then we found cheap flights to New York, then we said if we go all that way we want to make the most of it. So what do we want to see of America? Then we found out: ok, this country is pretty big for us little Europeans. So priorities? We favored Louisiana and California more than New England, Chicago etc. Done then! Off we go, it'll work somehow, we'll just follow the signs! Until now, my resume of the day so to say, it was a good plan. Having fun in the USA! Bye for now.


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