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North America » United States » West Virginia » Morgantown September 14th 2019

This was the best game I’ve attended all season, hands down. But West Virginia University is place of big contrasts. The stadium and the game were amazing. But the city of Morgantown is one of those places that just make me want to get out of town quickly. There are several reasons for this. No trip to Morgantown is complete without driving through the winding, narrow roads that lead off into neighborhoods that are full of murder houses. That may seem like an exaggeration, but it’s happened to me every time I’ve been here. Read on, if ye dare! This trip has been the impetus for my decision to treat the 2019 college football season as my extended vacation. Jack is with me on this trip, and it was his idea. Back in the summer, he ... read more
The Gold Rush is serious business
They're not joking about their Country Roads around here
The exterior of Milan Puskar Stadium

North America » United States » West Virginia » Morgantown November 24th 2018

We spent the day after Thanksgiving in Morgantown with Aunt Ruthie and helped her finish off leftover turkey and desserts. We moved the RV from the campground to Aunt Ruthie's driveway for the day. We visited and shared some family pictures and recipies and then stayed up late watching the WVU-Oklahoma football game that was being played locally and the town was full of visitors. We departed Morgantown on 11/24 and began our travels south toward northwest Alabama to get some service items done to the RV. In route we stopped for a short visit in Hunnington, WV to visit with Bill's cousin Johnny and his wife BJ and granddaughter Selby. They took us to a local restaurant for a great dinner and then took us to their home that they moved into a few years ... read more

North America » United States » West Virginia » Morgantown November 22nd 2018

We spent Thanksgiving week in the Morgantown, WV area. We parked our RV at the Chestnut Ridge Campground just outside of town and the area has something for everyone summer and winter. The pictures here don’t do the area justice as they recently received rain and wind that dropped all the fall colors. We were greeted with a fresh inch of snow that provided plenty of practice getting the RV into our space that was far from level. Family I was born in PA and spent my first 14 years living in the Morgantown area. We have family and friends that I grew up with. My cousin Johnny and his wife BJ came in for a visit and we spent an afternoon raking leaves from our Aunt Ruthie’s yard. We spent Thanksgiving Day at Aunt Ruthie’s ... read more

Up early in time to watch the Socceroos vs Denmark game on Fox Sports. Kerry kindly went down to the breakfast room and got me some scrambled eggs on toast so I did not miss any of the action. Socceroos are still alive despite the 1-1 draw. We checked out at 10.30 and got the car delivered from valet and went to the park at Nth Harbour to get the famous Cleveland sign photo. Voinovich Park was built in 1996 as part of Cleveland’s bicentennial. We then hit the road again and first stop was at the tourist centre as crossed the border into Pennsylvania where we met Karen and some other lady. They had several taxidermy animals on display including a black bear which had been in a car accident, and some other native animals ... read more
Really ? surely the best coffee is not being delivered in a Petrol Tanker !!
Magical views of the City, 3 Rivers and the Duquesne Incline
Panorama # 2 in iPhone

According to Google Maps, the drive from Rifrafters Campground in Fayetteville WV to Mylan Park in Morgantown WV would be 147 miles and 2 hours and 20 minutes, so I got a fashionably late start on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. Mylan Park is, essentially, a section of the parking lot that services the exhibition hall and only water and electricity are furnished. That is not a problem for me as long as I am aware and remember to dump my tanks beforehand. Upon arrival, I found access to the RV area barricaded, numerous traffic cones deployed in various patterns and a driver training program in progress for, I believe, a public utility. I made my way to a nearby picnic shelter with my laptop and began some last-minute research/updates on the attractions in the Morgantown area. ... read more
Can You Hear the Approaching Horse and Buggy?
There Is Plenty of Room for Two Vehicles to Pass Uneventfully If Both Drivers Are Aware of the “Bar Ditch Gremlin”
There Wasn’t Much Room for the Driver to Swing Out Before Attempting the Turn

North America » United States » West Virginia » Morgantown September 12th 2017

Ann: I'm being forced to write today's entry because I feel asleep in the middle of writing last nights entry. Day 3 was the shortest ride at 31 miles and the roughest one. The ride started in Cumberland, MD and ended in Pawpaw, WV. ( Yes, that is a real place. We've also seen places here that are called knobs and hollows.) We biked along the C&O Canal tow path, which is the path the mules walked on to pull boats down the canal. It was more like a goat path than a bike path. Lots of rocks, roots and mud causes lots of dodging, bouncing, and jiggling. It was beautiful country and we were riding right between the C&O canal and the Potomac River. Lots of wildlife sightings - deer, groundhogs, rabbits, heron, eagle, and ... read more
The path today
Lock house at lock 72 on the O&C Canal
Watch that hill and hope the brakes work

Final greetings from Morgantown, WV. No pics or video today as I spent the day prepping for tomorrow's departure. I changed seats on the Mothership in order to eliminate some of the pain I was experiencing on the way here. That required a bar adjustment to get my riding geometry where I wanted it. I also did a general safety check on the bike (all is well), fueled up and packed up all of my gear. InZane was a great time and I had a lot of fun meeting and talking with all of the folks here. The VRCC staff did an excellent job with all of the preparations that had to be done in order to pull off an event of this size. Great Great time!!! I'm planning for an earthly departure in order to ... read more

Hello again from Morgantown! Wow, three days in the same place. Pretty soon, I'll have to pay taxes here. I'm really enjoying myself but today, I felt the first stirrings of itchy feet. Soon it will be time to ride again. I'm not even half way through this trip as I still have 3000 miles to go. Today I attended two Tech Sessions given by one of the VRCC members who has written several books about his journeys aboard his Valkyrie. Many of you who know me personally may find it strange that I would willingly listen to someone tell me how best to work on/care for a machine, as I tend to have a pretty good grasp of those types of things. In this particular case, I am more than happy to learn from someone ... read more
At the block party.
Block Party
Block Party

Hello from InZane 2016 in Morgantown, WV! Today was the official kickoff with lots of folks still arriving. Everyone that I've met has been extremely welcoming and most are very different from the way that I pictured them on the VRCC board. I'm sure they feel the same way about me. The main difference that I see here versus other motorcycle events that I have attended is a complete lack of posturing and strutting. No one has anything to prove and everyone is happy to talk about themselves, their bikes and the ride here. AThese people are not afraid to laugh at themselves. I also met riders from Germany and Poland today. Great folks! No riding for me today as my backside needed a break after the mad dash from L.A. It actually felt weird to ... read more

...and enjoying myself! I have been at my sisters house since Tuesday and it's been amazing spending time with my family! As I told you in my previous letter, I've been cruising around on Ken's bike and stopped by Coopers rock to look at the wonderful nature they have here! Last Thursday, I went to Kennywood amusement park with Ken&Hannah and had a blast! We did tons of rides, see my pictures below! Went inside the haunted house to shoot at ghosts and I won the grand prize: to spend the rest of my eternity with the main ghost of the mansion! mohahahahah I can't wait, sounds like fun :D Ken&Hannah went on this super-fast monster ride, going up side down and God knows what, I am kinda glad I decided to stay on the ground ... read more

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