Day 6

Published: April 7th 2007
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Been to tired to talk or type the last two nights. 2 days ago we did our first
10 mile day. Long, hard and did the last 1.3 miles in the dark with headlamps.
Crossed swamp on boardwalk and once on firm ground thought I heard a bear behind
me in the bushes and flew past OD to use him for bait. Next day did most of our
walking in the fog. Got some nice pictures and did 9 miles with few problems. I
did however do the last down hill into camp in my "Crocks" backwards, as it felt
better that way. Most of my long down hills are done backwards as it helps my
knees. Today (5th) we had a few snow flakes join us for breakfast. A real cold
wind blew all day. Had a nice chicken soup lunch. Then walked to the Post Office
for our first resupply. A trail angel drove us back to the trail up a mile long
hill. I have been very cold since gettig to camp. OD cooked dinner and made me a
nice hot water bottle for my bag. Now tucked in all toasty and hope it doesn't
get much colder tonight.

Well, CC said it all for today. She is being real strong and impressing the other
hikers we meet. They all are amazed a Grandmother of seven is attempting such a
feat. We hope tonight and tomorrow it warms up. It is 8PM, the sun has gone down
and it is just above freezing here now. Two days ago it was in the low 80s.

Patrick, Deborah Mooney aka OD & CC
All Who Wander Are Not Lost

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