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November 15th 2014
Published: November 15th 2014
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If you want to be a model, there are some criteria to become a model. Fashion models look pretty, and with average height usually male is between 5’8” to 6’3” and female models are between 5’4” to 5’11”. People below or above the limit will not be chosen as a model. Unlike fashion models, commercial models are not required to be pretty or tall. They have the skill to act in the role. They may be dark or light, short or tall, lean or heavy, young or old, he gets the chance regard with the role in that commercial. For example, if an insurance company wants to make ad, they used to select a model in mid-40. The model should be same as what the targeted public. Fashion models will not speak or act. They just wear the dresses or accessories. But the commercial models should possess the skill to turn the public and also it en route them to the film industry. Most people who want to act in cinemas are choosing modeling.

How advertisement companies choose models?

In some advertisements celebrities are endorsing the product, which is common marketing tactics. Nowadays celebrities are the established models. They have enough potential to carry the message to audience. Since they have acting skill and their fame makes the ad success. Few ads need a fresh face. On such occasion, the advertising agency will hunt for new models. Usually, they hire from sites like bubblegum casting where it contains number of model aspirants who are waiting for their chance to prove. The advantageous factor in such sites is the companies can pick the models of different age, different location and skill from a same place. It is also good opportunity for the people who aspiring to be a model. They used to share their information and ability in those sites which make them visible to advertising world.

Qualities of commercial models

Indeed fashion models also get chance in commercial ads but the total theme of both fields is different. For a commercial model you have to comfortable in front of camera and you should possess the ability to deliver the facial expression with respect to the given situation. A good commercial model should depict doctors, hero, student and whatever they are asked to do so. The models are also responsible for the sale of the products and it is good for their career development. Casting in commercial advertisements have good scope and already people are getting high pay and it opens the door to movie industry people are showing more interest towards this field. Mostly companies choose models by agencies and model aspirants also entering through the agencies. The database of the agency contains thousands of models with their skillsets mentioned. These agencies suggest the persons who have the quality which companies asked. Entering the modelling field without help of agency is not an easy task. It also helps the aspiring models to learn more about the field before entering into it. They have professional photographers who help you to talk all the shots to enhance your portfolio.<a name="_GoBack"></a>


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