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August 13th 2014
Published: August 13th 2014
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This is just a short note to all of you concerned that we had not sent anymore blogs and wondered what happened to us.

First...we are fine, healthy and safe. We are in Sequim WA and doing our home search on the Olympic Peninsula. We like the place a lot and believe we will move here as soon as we can sell our place back in AZ. Lots of opportunities to buy a home or a piece of land and build one. The weather has been fantastic and we know all to well it will change come November.

We finished our trip in London visiting our friends Lesley and John for a few days. We had a great time visiting the Meridian Museum, a wonderful exhibit of the northern sea route to Russia during WWII and a lot of nice restaurants. Then flew to Frankfurt and the next day a long flight to Vancouver WA. Landed in torrential rain which stayed on for the next 3 days. Since then we have been busy house/land hunting and spending some time at the wooden boat foundation in Port Townsend getting our cedar strip canoe fixed and ready to fish (and maybe show off her beauty as well).

Then we got a call from our Ethiopian son Merid. Surprise!!! He is coming to join us for our 50th wedding anniversary here on Thursday the 14th and will stay with us for a few days. We are planning a couple of hikes and a day flying kites on the beach as well as a NW seafood dinner. After that we will be off again but not sure just where....trout/salmon fishing is a possibility

So, thanks for being a bit concerned. We have 3 blogs partially written, one on Sarajevo, one on our trip through Croatia and one on our observations of the Balkans. Probably have to wait till we get back home and have some time to finish them and cull all the photos.

Love you all.....Ciao


13th August 2014

Good to hear from you
We were wondering where in the world you had gotten to! SO pleased you are thinking of returning to the PNW - we might be able to see you occasionally - especially if I can get off the road and be home a bit more.
13th August 2014

I WAS getting worried, thinking you were kidnapped, or lost, or sick !! Sounds like a great trip and lots of stories to tell. Glad you are OK !! Looking forward to seeing you. Happy Anniversary ! WAY TOO MUCH happening here. I will be in KY from Aug 27 to Sept 11. Didn't see your return dates here. Hasta la vista !!

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