Monday the 14th, our last full day.

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September 14th 2020
Published: September 14th 2020
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Looking for mommy, who's on the other side of the fence, and two people are in the way.
Although our RV has cable, it's only the basic Seattle channels, so any news beyond weather is only the acceptable Seattle news, so we mostly have ignored it. It's really quite interesting how life in a small community of KOA campers can become an engaging experience.

Last night before dark, we heard what sounded like a bulldozer starting up and working on the other side of the campground. After a little while, we saw the source: a fairly standard farm tractor was towing a pickup with a camper shell into a campsite. Today, a big tow truck came into the campground, loaded the pickup onto its bed, and drove away, leaving the camper shell mounted on a frame and all hooked up to electricity.

And that was only the beginning of our excitement.

We took another stroll around the park after hearing the deer liked to hang out in an apple orchard near the highway. As we headed toward the entrance to the park, we noticed motion behind us, looked, and there was a tiny deer with spots, barely taller than a normal German Shepherd. Deer are amazingly magnificent critters, and this little guy's two huge brown eyes and long mule ears was no exception. He seemed to be looking for mommy, who approached from the other side of the fence. So he looked our direction and stared at us for a minute before moving away from the fence, then moved back, and repeated the process a few times before we figured out we ought to move. We walked around some bushes and he had found his way around the fence and was running after mommy.

After a bit more strolling, we noticed something truly amazing: our shadows. And they were getting more clear and things were getting brighter. So we decided to wander down to the beach one more time, hoping we could actually see something through or beyond the haze. But it was not to be, so we went back to the RV for some more fun with chess, reading, and just being together. That really is a pretty nice place to be.

For the rest of today, we'll be preparing for our return home tomorrow. Except for dinner and dishes, we'll be preparing our move out - undoing our move in of last week. Not entirely the best of times, but part of the experience too.

We do look forward to reliable hot and cold running water, especially in the shower. Our own bed will be very nice, too. However, we have learned a whole lot about the whole RV experience. This coach has shown us some things we will most definitely be looking for, and looking to avoid, if we do end up buying our own.

And best of all: we have enjoyed our time camping again, together.


15th September 2020

Looks like fun
I can’t wait to hear more about it 🥰
15th September 2020

You two just enjoy each other so much!
It is clear to see, that, no matter where you two go, you always enjoy being together! I've enjoyed reading your anniversary blog and look forward to the next one. God Bless you Tom and Natalie.

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