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April 12th 2009
Published: April 13th 2009
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Spokane seems like an odd road trip destination from Calgary but the tax-free shopping (for out of state residents), restaurant variety, charming historic Downtown core & Washington Wineries has its appeal.

We didn't get a lot of studying done this past weekend but Keely got some real life experience for her upcoming Criminal Procedure exam when her car trunk was opened and searched without consent by US Border Patrol. The two border patrol guards must have overheard our jokes & comments about trunk capacity while idling in line. Their good cop-bad cop approach didn't phase us and we weren't terribly amused by the bad cop's sarcastic question that we woke up this morning and impulsively decided to drive down to the States.

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho made a great lunch time break from all of the driving. The waterfront area had some cute shops & restaurants ideal for a lazy Saturday afternoon browse. Sadly, if you try to pronounce this city french style, you'd get some blank looks. The local pronunciation of this city is something like kor de lane.

On the walk from our hotel to Gonzaga University along the river, we managed to spot a marmot who poked its head out of its underground home and curiously stared at us for a few minutes while we stared back. I think it was concerned by the brown bunny ears headbands we had on as we looked bigger than the average bunny neighbour. I'm slightly ashamed to admit that prior to this, I had only associated marmot with the outdoor gear maker...marmots are usually only seen in Alberta at higher elevations.

The highlight of our trip, aside from the great shopping bargains, was sampling Washington produced wines at Barrister Winery. The winery was open on the weekends to visitors and the winemaker lawyers were also on hand (to also recommend great local restaurants to try). In true nerdy fashion, we got a kick out of the wine glasses their Barrister logo etched on the side with the scales of justice holding two bunches of grapes. Why do I foresee a lot of wine in my future?

We also made a stop at Dick's, a local tradition & cheap dive in Spokane. With unbelievably low prices for burgers, fries and shakes... you could afford to go back for seconds... and or thirds. I'm not quite sure why their logo has a panda trying to serve a hamburger to a rooster though.... can someone explain that?

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