A Visit to Oaxaca (which I can finally pronounce!) ( "wəˈhɑːkə")

Published: March 5th 2012
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We leave Tuesday morning for a 25 day trip to the state of Oaxaca. It is the next to the last state in Mexico on the Pacific Coast. We will spend the first part of the trip in the capital city (Oaxaca) and the last part on the coast.

From Wikipedia: " The state is best known for its indigenous peoples and cultures. The most numerous and best known are the Zapotecs and the Mixtecs, but there are sixteen that are officially recognized. These cultures have survived better to the present than most others in Mexico due to the state’s rugged and isolating terrain. Most live in the Central Valleys region, which is also an important area for tourism, attracting people for its archeological sites such as Monte Albán, native culture and crafts. Another important tourist area is the coast, which has the major resort of Huatulco. The state also has some of the greatest biodiversity in Mexico."

We hope to be doing some bicycling and hiking, and I will take 5-6 days of Spanish classes (mornings only).

For family and friends, I've attached some recent photos.....

Additional photos below
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Early morning Methow ValleyEarly morning Methow Valley
Early morning Methow Valley

Just after I saw cougar tracks.....Lot's of cougar tracks! I was the only skier out there and finally got spooked and turned around...

5th March 2012

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Hi Lynn, Please include Mom's email on your blog list (shirleydarling22@gmail.com). Oh and I think it's pronounced WA-hah-ka! Have a safe journey! Diane

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