World Cities Tour - Spring Break Edition - Day 5

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April 15th 2014
Published: April 16th 2014
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Going ApeGoing ApeGoing Ape

Michelle measured bones of one of these creatures not 3 days ago. But.. I didn't know they wore shoes!!!!
Day 5 – Michelle’s sense of direction is better than Anne’s

Tony left for work and Michelle and Anne had to find something to do. They finally settled on a movie and the Zoo. Finding the theater was eventful. Just remember, in cities, what you are looking for is often above you. Michelle made many suggestions about where to turn and was always right. After the movie (Rio 2) and a quick lunch at Subway, Michelle and Anne headed out to the Woodland Park Zoo a short bus ride north of Downtown Seattle. Michelle wanted to feed the birds in the aviary and see the snow that was brought in for the grizzly bears’ 20th birthday. Most of the animals were eating and settling in for the night. We saw he river otters in their den, the elephants eating, and one orangutan up close.

We had dinner at the Crab Pot on the waterfront with one of Tony’s coworkers. Tony, Michelle and Daniel enjoyed the mound of shellfish, complete with mallets and bibs. Anne chose an eyeball-free option of salmon and chips.

Tomorrow’s forecast of rain means that it’s a perfect day for the Science Center and the
Bird on a StickBird on a StickBird on a Stick

We used to use wire, but we are trying to go green.
exhibit on espionage, or perhaps a lazy day at the hotel room.

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Da Bear is CoolDa Bear is Cool
Da Bear is Cool

Snow was the Bear's 20th birthday present.
Pie, Chicken PotPie, Chicken Pot
Pie, Chicken Pot

Yep, that was the name of this chicken... the zoo was comparing the chicken's moves to that of raptors... Dance Chicken, Dance.
Mound o' shellfishMound o' shellfish
Mound o' shellfish

I swear the shrimp stare at you with accusation in their eyes.
I Pinch YouI Pinch You
I Pinch You

Michelle likes to shell and eat crab for many reasons. One of the big ones is she gets to play with the parts.
Tourist shot!Tourist shot!
Tourist shot!

Because it was there!

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