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August 24th 2012
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Mystery Bay mudMystery Bay mudMystery Bay mud

A good anchor in very good holding.
Wednesday August 22, 2012 Mystery Bay to Portage Bay

Journey mercies. It’s rather a quaint turn of phrase until you’ve experienced a summer of them. By any name it’s what we all hope for, and it can be like saying “bon voyage” or “have a good trip.” Journey mercies are what we ask for, hope for, and sometimes plan against. We asked for safe passages and fair weather. It does of course rain in Alaska, hence the term “rain forest.” That’s where the glaciers, waterfalls, and spawning streams originate. We had rainy days but we also saw the sun glint off the glaciers and the giant stars of the big dipper reflect off the still, dark water. Storm winds can and do bear down on wide straits and passages but for us there were always bays so protected that we wondered if it could really be all that bad outside.

Little Liza proved again she is a sound little ship, warm and dry. Engines hummed along for 2,500 miles without falter, and each night we were secured by an anchor that never dragged. Our summer was full of good company both on board and on the docks. With
Puget SoundPuget SoundPuget Sound

Sun so bright you could miss the freighter.
all the things we saw and places we visited it was our friends, family, and those who became our friends that have become our most valuable memories. BJ, as usual, made a friend on the dock yesterday after helping them in. The woman turned to me and said, “Boy, you’ve got a great crew here!” I told her that our boat was not named Little Liza for nothing. So it is. What a joy it is to wake up with her at dawn every morning, start first the coffee, then the engines and head out into a new day. Even the weariness of long days on the water will become part of the great memories of our time together there and back again. What a gift this summer, this experience, and these times have been! And in all these gifts has been revealed the Giver, the author of all our journey mercies.


24th August 2012

Last night
As I laid my VERY WEARY head on my lovely bed in my lovely home, I thought of you. Hope you were doing the same.....We drove down to the valley and heat yesterday, but it is worth it is the cleaning and putting away that I bet you are busy with also. Back to the 'old grind' now and lucky us...we live at a resort! SO when you are done and can get away...come on down!!!!!! I must say that we have our place listed, so you better hurry!~Love you guys,

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