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July 6th 2008
Published: July 6th 2008
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I am a nurse! I am a nurse! I am a nurse!

I finally jumped through the very last hoop! I can now officially call myself a nurse!
This July has been a crazy month for David and I. As if preparing for two months in Europe was not enough, we have had one major event after another! Thankfully, we have survived all the chaos and are now looking forward to our grand adventure in only 5 days!

Since graduation, I have been studying my head off: memorizing countless lab values, disease processes, and random medications; only to take my nursing boards and discover that all my hours studying had practically been spent in vain! My exam consisted of seventy-five of the most RANDOM questions ever conjured up. These questions were supposedly generated to determine my ability to be a registered nurse. I felt like they were generated to test my ability to stay sane in the midst of extreme frustration! I got tested on the most bizarre diseases, nothing I would have thought to study!

I left the test convinced in my deepest soul that I had failed and would have to retake the test in three months. I even made my peace about failing and began to trust that everything happens for a reason and that God is ultimately in control. However to my surprise
The Textbook I loved to HateThe Textbook I loved to HateThe Textbook I loved to Hate

I don't really know if I should thank or destroy this book for all it put me through.
and relief, I discovered that I had passed!

On July 3rd (only 24 hours after the exam) David and I looked up my license of the web (See the link: You may have to type in my name to see the actual license come up) and saw that I now have an active license, which means that I am officially a registered nurse! Praise God!

While I spent my summer days at multiple Starbucks locations feeding my ever-growing caffeine addiction and studying my brains out, David spent long hours in the heat finishing up the last touches on the triplex he started remodeling for Ko Olina Partners this January. For those of you who do not know much about David’s work this year he has partnered with his good friend, Marv Meier to form Stout Remodeling (See logo below). Stout Remodeling works for Ko Olina a company that was formed by Marv Meier and his friend Jeff Brown this year in the interest of purchasing real estate in the Seattle area to remodel and sell.

Ko Olina and Stout Remodeling’s first project was a triplex on Capital Hill. Despite the excellent location, the triplex was purchased
Stout RemodelingStout RemodelingStout Remodeling

An awesome logo for two very awesome contractors, designed by Paul Ehreth.
in a less than desirable state. David and others have worked diligently over the past seven months to transform the triplex (originally built in 1910) into a stunning work of art and desirable apartment complex for several lucky tenants. Pictures of the triplex are included below.

As you can tell I am so proud of David. I first visited the building after it was purchased in January. I walked in and could only see the unsafe structures, dirt, and poor layout. I had no idea how this project would turn out. Mostly I was just scared for David’s safety and sure that he was going to catch a mysterious disease from all the dirt and other unmentionables. However, much to my dismay, seven months later, the triplex is a beauty and worth way more that I would have ever dreamed. I am so proud of David and all the guys for restoring this home back to its original glorious state.

This month has been filled with so many cumulative events and experiences for David and I. It feels so good to leave for Europe, feeling like we earned a bit of a vacation. Keep us in your prayers
Triplex Photo 1Triplex Photo 1Triplex Photo 1

The kitchen.
as we get ready to leave for Europe this Wednesday. We are so excited, but will miss all of you so much! Keep an eye out on our blog, we are so thankful that technology allows us to remain somewhat connected while we are abroad! We love you all!

Additional photos below
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Triplex Photo 2Triplex Photo 2
Triplex Photo 2

The Bathroom.
Triplex Photo 3Triplex Photo 3
Triplex Photo 3

The Living Room.
Triplex Photo 4Triplex Photo 4
Triplex Photo 4

The newly painted exterior! Trust me, it did not look livable seven months ago!
Triplex Photo 5 Triplex Photo 5
Triplex Photo 5

David Lilleness, now professional painter AND part-time model (But he still had to keep his normal job).

8th July 2008

Our "last supper"
Your dad and I had such a wonderful time enjoying our last supper together before you embark on your adventure! David, our kuddos to you! Your special french toast recipe and incredible bacon and oven potatoes would make Denny's Restaurant jealous! You are the master breakfast chef! I also have to add that David's new sunglasses give him the American rockstar appearance. Chelsea, it may be more than the optical vision salesperson that you will need to look out for! We love you both! Blog often and know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers every moment. Here's to having the time of your life!

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