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North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » U-District June 12th 2022

I can't think of a better city than Seattle as the very first UNESCO City of Literature. The unique and massive Seattle Public Library, itself an icon of literature, stands as a visible reminder of this city's great literary reputation. They say the long, wet, dreary winters, and the abundance of coffee shops make it perfect for readers. For starters, the four decades old Elliott Bay Bookstore attracts readers of all kinds. I love the name of their little cafe' in the back, the Oddfellows Cafe'. Maybe it is staffed by a guy named Longfellow? As you know, I love visiting libraries and bookstores around the world. My favorites are City Lights (San Francisco), Powell's (Portland), and The Last Bookstore (Los Angeles). For rare, and out of print cook books, head to the aptly named Book ... read more
Seattle Public Library
Love the books in the city

Wednesday (June 7) marked 50 years since a mystery man known widely as D.B. Cooper ("Dan Cooper" was the name he used for his one-way ticket) leapt from a Boeing 727's rear stair door with $200,000 somewhere over Southwest Washington. It remains the only unsolved case of air piracy in U.S. history. It was 106 years ago Seattle got its very first professional hockey team, the Seattle Metropolitans, an expansion team formed by the owners of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. The Mets would prove the first Seattle team to take home a national championship. “Yesler’s Cookhouse, built in 1853 at the foot of Mill Street, was really the first restaurant in the little village of Seattle,” begins the book “Restaurants of Seattle 1853-1960.” Written by Mrs. Hattie Graham Horrocks, the publicly avail... read more
DB Cooper?  Where??
Bruce Lee gravesite

Finally a day not strapped in a seat. I was able to get up early with Hannah to exercise. We decided to run through the suburb of Seattle. She had developed her sister's plague and started whining about fever, sore throat, and horrible body aches. I am really proud of her though for sticking it out. We saw some interesting sites including a giant chicken statue and multiple coffee shops. After the run I stretched out with yoga. I did wish for exercise room though as I need to bike a lot while on vacation to get ready for my 1st triathlon of the season when we get back. Around breakfast time Tim received a text from his sister wanting to know if we were up yet. Unknowingly she was staying in the same hotel as ... read more
View of ships on way to park
View from Discovery Park
Discovery park

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » U-District November 27th 2016

Prior to our journey to Cuba, the Seattle Peace Chorus performed some of the music we will take to Cuba including the composition, Orin Odara, which is a suite for Afro Cuban Orisha of the Yoruban people, featuring soloist Elspeth Savani, directed by Frederick West. Orin Odara was arranged and composed by Fred Hoadley, bandleader of Sonando.... read more
2016F-Orin Odara poster

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » U-District April 12th 2015

The trip to Seattle was almost overwhelming. The scenery from the dome view keeps me totally entertained. We live in a truly expansive and varied country, it’s amazing it’s kept all together. I was met by my new extended family, taken to lunch, tour of city, dinner, bed at Carroll’s and taken back to the train. Actually I arrived at the terminal, retrieved my bag and began trying to reach the number Duke had given me, without success. I consulted with the info guy re: nearest Apple Store to fix computer. Just as I as contemplating my next move, a woman (looking like my friend Queen) came through the door and called my name. That was Carroll, the grandmother. In the car were Etta and Rhyen, at the house, Al and Dog. What a warm and ... read more
More Mississippi
4/12 7:57p
4/13 11:38am

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » U-District February 3rd 2015

It has been a while. Since the last post we have crossed five different time zones and four different countries with four different flights. After leaving Kathmandu we flew to Delhi where we spent two nights with Maan in an improved experience of India, despite the intial chaos of once again coming into conflict with a taxi driver getting us to the right place. From the airport we wanted to go to Paschim Vihar; instead we were taken to Vasant Vihar. It was half our fault though and it got worked out in the end after much boken communication, phone calling, and accepting our potential fate to wander the streets for a night. From Delhi we flew to Kuwait where we spent the night in a riduclously luxurious hotel, a novel break away from the places ... read more
Lots of snow.
Best pizza ever.
Really, really American neighbourhood.

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » U-District August 17th 2014

This is around the time that saying goodbye to people began to get real for me. I had been mentally preparing for living in Milan, as well as a more intense research life, for quite a while. It had not yet hit me that being in Milan meant not being with my friends, and family. It sounds silly now that I think about it, but I pushed the sadness of saying goodbye to people behind my excitement for such an exhilarating opportunity, and thus didn't experience the sadness until it became a reality. I spent my last full week in Seattle week half-assedly packing, but mostly spending time with friends and my mom (also a friend, but deserves her own recognition). That weekend, the 22nd-24th of August, I somehow convinced several friends to come camping on ... read more
The best friends anyone could ask for
Kaili and I on the boat
The group at my moms (minus the goldens)

Just a little note to let you know I arrived safely in Seattle this morning. Just hanging out at the hostel at the moment, looking at some maps, trying to get my bearings and work out what I want to do while I'm here. I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy some new boots... I'm freezing! I need to adjust to this new, depressingly Britishy climate after my week in Hawaii. Bad times. xxx... read more

Fernie (Colombie-britannique) ----- État de Idaho ----- Seattle (Washington) =========== 894 km (Cumulatif=6605) =========== Température : =========== AM : 15 à 18 degrés, PM : 25 degrés, Soir : 12 à 18 degrés =========== Résumé : =========== - Impressions générales : -------- o Enfin de retour sur l’autoroute pour minimiser le risque des chevreuils; o Enfin rendu sur la côte ouest américaine. =========== - Paysages : Un des charmes de notre voyage c’est de pouvoir admirer les nombreux paysages variés : -------- o Idaho : Pas fameux comme état : Très boisé et terrains souvent délabrés -------- o Washington : Belle variété de paysages (Terrains pour la culture, endroits désertiques, montagnes, rivières, lacs, etc.) -------- o Probablement près d’une centaine d’éoliennes dans un secteur où le vent peut écorner les bœufs. =========== - Chevreuil : -------- ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » U-District April 25th 2011

I think it is time to inform you all of my adventures so far. Last week was I had my final exam on Tuesday, which went alright but not great. It were all essay questions and you had to provide thorough prove of your understanding of all the course material. After all my time spent on school my motivation to study hard for this exam was basically non-existent but I was able to write six pages so I am pretty sure I passed the course. The final exams also only account for about 25 to 40 percent of your grade so I'm not worried. Most of my roommates left on Sunday evening so it was pretty quiet in unit 10. After my exam I started packing and realized how much stuff I still had to carry ... read more
Crazy advertisement sign
The neighbours' house
View from the balcony

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