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North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Pioneer Square August 23rd 2018

I thought I would have another early start and try for another photo of the Seattle skyline, this time from a bridge to the south east of the city. The walk there was straight forward but I had not realised what kind of area it would take me through. At five in the morning, the area south of Downtown was absolutely awful - full of rough sleepers, rubbish everywhere and a number of people wandering around for no apparent reason. With the possible exception of the Blue Line in Los Angeles (see ) and an excursion in Bangkok (see ), I had never felt more at risk. It was one of those times when you wonder if it is better to carry on in hope that it gets better or turn around and walk back through ... read more
Underground Tour
The Smith Tower
Smith Tower View

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Pioneer Square January 30th 2017

Justin's Christmas present this year was a trip to Seattle! We had always dreamed of visiting this rainy town. Justin and I are madly in love with rain! We arrived in Seattle at about 3pm and went to our hotel. The Red Lion in Renton. This is a nicely priced hotel about 16 miles from the city. It was an easy drive. We had a rental car so we did have to pay for parking everywhere. I would not recommend this. It would be cheaper to Uber everywhere. I booked the rental car because it was going to be just $83.00 after taxes. I thought it would be nice to have our own transportation incase we wanted to try to head to mount rainier. Big mistake. When we arrived to the rental car place I expected ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Pioneer Square August 13th 2015

Well this had already been an epic day, but I was not finished. I fancied a pint, so I found a place called the Taphouse. 160 beers on tap, I was overwhelmed. I ordered the Northwestern Sampler of 4 six-ounce glasses. I was disappointed with the offering. All but the RPM IPA were less than the Northwest's best I would say. After my beer break, I walked back to Pike's, but they were still not throwing fish. The place was packed and I hightailed down to the piers for a one-hour cruise around Elliott Bay. The cruise was cool. It offered some great views of the Seattle skyline and nearby islands. It was still in the low-80's and beautifully sunny. Our tour guide was very impressed, by the weather. It rained twice while I was here, ... read more
Underground Seattle
Taps at the Taphouse
Ferris Wheel from the Water

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Pioneer Square October 28th 2014

I’m exactly year behind on this write-up, but I think most of the information is still relevant, so here it goes. My trip to Washington State was part recreation and part business. I should say - it was ALL recreation for me, and part business for my wife. We had a few days to travel where we pleased….. after that, she had to attend a conference in Seattle, WA. We arrived to the airport without a specific plan, but soon decided to check out Mt. St. Helens as our first destination. We rented a car and plugged in our GPS. The airport is close to suburban neighborhoods, so it was easy to find a grocery store where we loaded up on supplies and Fat Tire Beer (something I still have trouble finding in New England). It ... read more
Mt. St. Helens
Morton Skatepark
Mount Rainer

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Pioneer Square August 30th 2013

All good things must come to an end! Can't believe it's over but we're both really excited about getting home and seeing family and friends. After our pack trip we headed straight up to Glacier National Park, which is pretty close to alpine perfection. Snow capped mountains, flower meadows, rivers, lakes and lots of wildlife, fortunately with some sunny weather too. We spent 5 days mixing up our time between hikes and chilling on the shore of a lake with a book (with a daily swim for me too, very refreshing!). We found a great lake one afternoon so I went for a wee dip in the peace and quiet in my y-fronts, which are a bit worse for wear after four months travelling. Turns out our secluded spot was a bit more popular than we ... read more
Fried spam and a campfire, the perfect evening!

So Its Been a while since are last blog we spent a few days in a hostel in Vancouver right on the beach just chilling , Then we decided to head down to Seattle It's about a 3 hour coach trip across the boarder, as the coach headed towards the boarder the driver informed us that we could not bring any food across the boarder which resulted in us trying to down some bananas and packets of crisps as quickly as we could. Once we got to the boarder we had to get off the bus and go through passport control, as we where watching a guy from our coach infront of us when up to the desk and handed over his passport with that alarms went off and police came from every direction, he was ... read more
Top of the needle

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Pioneer Square August 24th 2011

I was obviously going the other way. Everyone else was headed that direction. That direction being, all the tents I saw from the window of the ferry. Traveling from Victoria to Seattle was easy. The “Victoria Clipper” was a lot like a plane on water with seats, trays, stewards, and a movie. Customs was easy too. A woman asked me where I lived, “Bloomington, Indiana.” Done. I walked away from Pier 69 heading east. Being in opposition of the crowd was a delight, like a front row seat in a people zoo. I had a good sense where these people were headed, but no idea of why. At first, I thought fair or concert. But, it could have been a sporting event, or some occasion like the arrival of an important ship, or departure of someone ... read more
Mt. Rainer
The Public
Forever Flowers

We began our trip on Thursday, June 9th, flying up to Seattle, one of my favorite cities. During the 90s, I would fly up a couple of times per month to support several large claims offices. We finally hired an IT dude fulltime to support the Northwest in 2001, so my trips became less frequent. However, I learned a good deal of the city layout and fine dining haunts. It appeared that summer had finally arrived in Sacramento Thursday morning, just in time for us to leave and head into the grey skies of the Northwest. We were undaunted as we landed in a blustery environment. After spending some time getting settled, we headed to dinner at Salty’s in West Seattle. It’s one of Seattle’s most popular seafood joints with a spectacular view of the city ... read more
Seeing Seattle
Canadian Geese
Canadian Geese

Sunday morning arrived, and we were ready to start our Alaska adventure. We originally booked a mini-suite on the Sapphire Princess for the 7 day cruise. A week before we sailed, I received a phone call at work, asking if we would mind being upgraded to a full suite on the ship. After making sure this was not a crank call, I heartily agreed to take them up on the offer. We were looking forward to a little more space to spread out. What we didn’t realize was that full suites come with a few more amenities. Within 30 minutes of boarding the ship, we were welcomed with fresh flowers, Champaign, chocolate covered strawberries, canapés, and a bowl of fresh fruit. Each time there as a knock on the cabin door, there was a new treat ... read more
The Sapphire Princess
Checking out the digs
The sleeping area.

Friday and Saturday were spent enjoying Seattle and reconnecting with old friends. After a leisurely breakfast, we headed out to Pikes Market and the waterfront. Pike’s Market was extremely crowded as the summer vacationers were out in force. The flower stalls were colorful and the fish were flying. From Pike’s we walked down Post Alley to the waterfront. At the top of Post Alley is the not-so-famous Gum Wall. I’m not sure where or when the tradition started, but you haven’t been in downtown Seattle until you chew a piece of gum and stick it to the side of the brick building. Some call it art, others Don’t. We strolled along the waterfront and made our way to Ivar’s for clam chowder. Besides Salty’s, Seattle’s best seafood can be found at Ivar’s and Elliott’s on the ... read more
Pike's Market
Pike's Market
Pike's Market

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