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North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town July 14th 2019

Now, this is just astounding: Every man, woman, and child in the nation eats an average of 23 pounds of pizza annually -- that translates to around 46 slices -- adding up to a total of about 3 billion pies. To break the pie chart down another way, about 350 slices get consumed every second of the day. So, assuming I can eat three slices of pizza at one sitting, this means that we order a pizza at least 15 times a year, or better than once a month. For us, that is probably a little high. We probably order a pizza for delivery once a month, and have one pizza at Serious Pie in Seattle on our annual June trek. I think the stats might be somewhat skewed by events like Super Bowl Sunday, and ... read more
Pizza eating contest
They must be crazy???

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town June 15th 2019

Many of you are shocked when I tell you we attended a talk by Tony Bourdain some years ago in Seattle. He had yet to start Parts Unknown on CNN, and was still using "No Reservations" as his vehicle for fame and fortune. Someone also gave me his book, "Kitchen Confidential" which was a perfect reflection of his often vulgar adventures through the culinary world. But, as he morphed into "Parts Unknown", he became more of an elder statesman, almost a sage, in the loosest sense of the word. He left a lasting impression on Seattle. Here is the article in the local Seattle paper, in case you missed it: url= ... read more
Locals only??
Love the clams at Emmett Watson's

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town June 13th 2019

This June marks our 24th year visiting the great city of Seattle for our anniversary. Why Seattle? We visited once before we got married, and decided to spend part of our honeymoon here. We also went to Lake Tahoe (where it snowed in June), and another favorite place, the Carmel Monterey Peninsula. But Seattle remains at the top of our yearly visits. One really good reason for liking Seattle is it walkability. We try to walk most everywhere, weather permitting. Though the homeless issue is among the worst in the U.S., we manage the city streets. One of our favorite walks starts downtown, where we usually stay. We pass through the business district, the fabulous Seattle Public Library, and end up in the International District at one of our favorite super markets, Uwajimaya. It is about ... read more
My coconut creme pie!
Always Serious Pie
Love the white peaches

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town June 13th 2018

Does having the most coffee shops per square mile mean that you have the best coffee? Yes, there is a Starbucks, and usually one other competitor on every block. There are a few Peet's (our favorite), so there is hope for this city. But do they have really good coffee? Here is an "expert" at the Stranger: Coffee shops in Seattle function as social clubs, community forums, shared office space, and study centers. Even the most utilitarian place offers mind-boggling overheard conversation and fascinating people watching. In my opinion, Starbucks's coffee tastes burned and people look dumb walking around drinking coffee out of giant paper cups like they're constantly at a high-school kegger. Espresso is best sipped scalding hot from a ceramic cup without a weird plastic sippy-cup lid filtering it through a petroleum product. Try ... read more
Coffee palace
Starbucks on every corner

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town August 18th 2017

San Francisco vaikuttaa siistiltä. Ainakin lentokenttä ja hotelli. Nukuin riittävästi: Klo 22-2 ja klo 3-7. Aamupalalla oli pahviset kertakäyttöastiat. Tarjolla kahvia, leipää, mysliä. Wifi toimi hyvin. Hoidin check inin. Sain sähköpostin että lento myöhästyy puoli tuntia joten siirsin eteenpäin kyytiä kentälle. Olin taas lentokentällä hyvissä ajoin. Aika kului netissä. Otin pullakahvin. Lopulta lento lähti puolitoista tuntia myöhässä. Olin ikkunapaikalla. Marko oli kentällä vastassa. Ajettiin hänen asuntoonsa keskustaan. Suihkun jälkeen vaihdoin sortsit ja t-paidan. Käytiin syömässä ja oluella. Täällä baareissa vaaditaan kaikilta passi tai virallinen henkilötodistus. Sen sai myös huomata päivittäin, että syöminen on täällä kalliimpaa kuin Suomessa.... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town May 31st 2015

This small album features landmark buildings in downtown Seattle.... read more
we - hotel closeup
we - View from our room
Times Square building (ts),

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town April 30th 2014

Het is ongewoon warm in Seattle, iedere local die we spreken maakt ons duidelijk dat we heel veel mazzel hebben en dat het normaal helemaal niet zo lekker is hier. Dan knikken we dankbaar en nemen aan dat dan ook zo is. De vlucht van Londen naar Seattle was geen pretje, we zaten echt middenin met weinig beenruimte, de service van BA is natuurlijk prima maar van koffie hebben ze geen verstand en van Engelse thee moet je ook maar houden. Opvallend was de line-up bij immigration: 3/4 single late twintigers tot vroege veertigers, rugzak of cabine-koffertje en aan de betreffende officer uitleggen wat voor werk ze voor Microsoft enzo komen doen. Gelukkig waren we niet de enige vakantie-vierende pensionado's, zo bijzonder zijn we dus niet. Kings Inn hotel is precies wat je van een low-budget ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town April 25th 2014

Op 28 april komen we aan in Seattle, we slapen een paar nachten in King's Inn (downtown), verkennen de stad, doen alvast wat boodschappen en maken ons verder klaar voor de reis. Op 1 mei nemen we de bus of de trein naar Everett waar Cruise America z'n depot heeft. s'Middags rijden we naar een RV-camp in Mount Vernon, handig gelegen tegenover een Wallmart, waar we van alles zullen inslaan. De rest van de avond verkennen we de camper, bekijken de route en het weer van de volgende dag en richten ons huisje voor de komende weken in. Op 2 mei begint het dus echt, we willen die dag een flink eind rijden omdat die 20 dagen die we voor de reis hebben uitgetrokken misschien wat krap zijn. Als iets misschien minder interessant is dan moet ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle » Bell Town August 5th 2013

Today can be summed up in eight short bullets: We had a lie-inWe ordered room service breakfast (a bit of an extravagance but worth it!)We had a lie down and mini napWe went for a walk around Pike Place Market on a beautiful sunny day (we loved the flowers, the flying fish, the gross gum wall, the elephant garlic and the heirloom tomatoes the most)We lunched at a little deli in Post Alley... read more
A bit of tourism for the day
The flowers
The gum

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