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Published: September 7th 2017
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Just trying to practice with this blog, remembering how to sign in, edit, etc... My weekend so far (weekend of May 24th, 2008):

Yesterday packed my bag, 25 lbs! must be a record for me. Still don't have everything in it yet... really have to figure out how to deal with a raincoat that won't fit in my little bag! I guess I will be wearing a lot of clothes on the plane! :-) Got a little carryon bag that converts to a backpack and has a little daypack zipped on the front. The 25 lbs felt like 100 when I tried it on! Guess I'll be exercising also... anyway, the computer crashed yesterday to top off my last 3 days at home(fantastic neighbor saved the day!) and the house is a mess and my 3rd child's 16th birthday is tomorrow so will be busy until the plane takes off then I'll relax? Hmmm, I think I will be planning our daily schedule on the plane! Still, need to go through the "brain" (my packet of papers in a binder with all important info). So glad to have this blog to help me remember my experiences and hope only understanding people with a sense of humor will read this as it will undoubtedly be chaotic and incomprehensible except to myself....

See you in Paris!


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