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9/3/09 So correct me if I'm wrong but I could have sworn that the idea was for Melisse and me to travel around for a year collecting experiences and riding out the recession in light of the fact that neither of us had jobs. Huh. It seems that the universe in its best ironic impersonation of the mad hatter is angling to have other plans for us. That's right, we seem to have numerous offers for gainful employment. From College of the Redwoods to Homer, Alaska, the possibilities are flowing in. What to do? Would we be selling ourselves short by not taking this opportunity to travel for the year? Are we crazy in this day and age to turn down work WITH BENEFITS? Here we are just ambling down the highway minding our own businesses ... read more

Didn't have internet access there for a couple of days, so I'm going to try to remember everything and get these caught up. Left Seattle on the 3rd. Took the ferry over to Whidbey Island and stopped in Langley. Panicked a little when they told me at the chamber of commerce that the earliest I could get a reservation on the ferry over to Port Townsend was 11:00 pm. Walked around in Langley a little bit and got something to eat. Decided to just make my way up to the ferry terminal to Port Townsend. Got on standby on the 4:30 ferry. Didn't really get to see all that much of Whidbey Island which is too bad, but Port Townsend was very nice anyways. The hostel was in the state park which was right along the ... read more
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Drove down the rode to Olympic National Park in the morning. Started off on Hurricane Ridge. Very nice views of the mountain range and wild mountain flowers all over the place. Walked a trail there and headed down the road to Sol duc Springs. Walked a trail there to a really cool waterfall. Headed back towards Port Townsend after that, but stopped to walk a trail to the Marymere Falls. After that I head back to Port Townsend. I got back around 7:30 and grabbed a book and headed down to the beach to wait for the fireworks to start. Nice place to see the 4th of July fireworks. They set them off from a barge in the harbor, and the fireworks went off right over the water.... read more
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13th June, 2009. Port Townsend, Washington. Another nice day, breakfast and then a walk downtown, walked through the older part of town, old port warehouses etc, lots of restaurants, tourist shops, then down past the marina's and boat repair area's, most of the fishing boats out of the water, looks like they are nearly ready to go back in for the fishing season. The Visitor Center gave us some info on the local Farmers Market so off we went. No bargins here, the Farmers Market was from Dream world, charging prices that were dearer than I have seen anywhere in USA. A punnet of strawberries that were incidentally going off $4 ($3.49 for a punnet twice the size down the road in the Supermarket) - may have been organic (doesn't alter the fact they were going ... read more
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We thoroughly enjoyed our B&B stay. Thank you to the kids for the gift certificate. We toured the shops, restaurants, the Rose theater and Fort Worden. Our stay was at the Blue Gull Inn. Cozy, quiet, comfortable, excellent breakfasts and a jacuzzi tub. Clam chowder at Fins ($12) was superb. They use butter clams, shell and all and it is really really good. Of course, we also had salmon and shrimp and wine and a real big check. Ice cream at Elevated Ice Cream Co. was nice. Macadoo's Barbecue is just like in Tennessee. They have catfish and hush puppies!!! We had to stop at Clearwater Casino. Boo Hoo!! ... read more
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Washington's incredibly bipolar spring weather teased us with another glimpse of the elusive sun this weekend. Thankfully we were in a perfect place to enjoy this rare scrap of warm weather-the Olympic Peninsula. My parents moved back to Sequim after years of restlessly circulating around the U.S. and now occupy the house that once belonged to my grandparents. Despite leading what I feel to be a rather nomadic existence, the Olympic Peninsula has been one place I have returned to frequently. Port Townsend in particular is a great town. Discovered by the western world during one of Captain Vancouver's exploratory journeys to the Pacific Northwest, the area was already inhabited by numerous First Nation tribes. The city really boomed during the late 1800's, the time at which much of its famed Victorian architecture was built. Today ... read more
Point Wilson Lighthouse, Fort Worden
What a Charming Couple
Point Wilson Lighthouse, Fort Worden

Here is a lovely spring visit to the Olympic Peninsula, west of Seattle, WA, USA. We enjoyed this special time with our daughter, two grand-daughters and many 'critters' but mainly dog Shadow and the cats. I show a few of the neat things we saw and enjoyed there. Tami is a young widow, for nearly 5 years now, and she has raised her three daughters through high school and out into the world. She is ready to return, herself, to univsersity to get her degree and become a teacher. All of these changes require much effort and we spent two weeks there helping through some paperwork, packing, and cleaning. Sadly, the dog and cats will have to find new homes. ... read more
Tacoma Narrows bridges.
Near Bremerton on The Sound by Seattle
Overlooking Port Townsend bay

Some in Port Hadlock, others on ferries and across WA to Idaho and nearing the Canadian border... read more
The Belles
Deep dark paths
The Egg & I

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