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Leaving Portland late on a Saturday night set us up to catch an early tide from Olympia to Pt Townsend in one day. The first leg of our trip is spent unpacking and stowing all the food and supplies and Peter plans for the week of maintenance coming up. Unfortunately, like many boaters now dealing with unusually warm, our propeller & rudder made for an inviting base for barnacles that slowed us down considerably so we hung on the hook in Pt Ludlow's inner harbor next to the "Twins" a pair of natural, uninhabited islands (by humans that is). At least the calm weather and clear skies gave us a joyful start for our 2019 IPDP Summer Cruise with a light breeze behind us hopefully foretelling an easy, safe journey ahead. The first week of our ... read more
Passing Seattle
Up the mast
Bridget puts new coveralls to work.

August 1, 2017 Place: Seattle, Port Townsend, San Juan Islands and Friday Harbor, WA Weather: 77 and sunny Hours Driving: 35 minutes x 2 by ferrry and 2 hours 14 minutes driving (roundtrip) States Drive Thru: Washington Miles: 70 miles Restaurants: Downriggers Movies: Games: Pictionary Books: Hotel: Ginger Houseboat on Lake Union My eyes slowly opened at 5:15 AM as morning breaks over Lake Union and a pink light fills the windows of the boat. I slept well and I don't think I was anxious about waking up in time for the 6:10 ferry to Bainbridge Island. I waited for my 5:20 alarm to play The Cup song. The gentle clapping at the beginning of the song is a nice wake up sound. If you choose not to wake, "I got my ticket for the long ... read more
Ferry boat lane

It didn’t take long to get into the swing of things. We couldn’t get the key from the lockbox to open the dead bolt, so we had to spend a couple of hours at the rocky beach on the inlet waiting for the owners to come and let us into our new apartment. There were lots of people on the nearby beach. Mostly retirement age people, but a few had young children, probably grandchildren visiting during the summer. We watched the Kite man for a few minutes. He flew several kites at once from the back of his black SUV. We noticed most of the beachgoers were searching for something on the beach. They would walk a few steps and bend forward to rake a small area. We ask and found out that they were looking ... read more
Sol Duc Falls
Bella's Truck
Olympic National Park

And they're off! Casey and I have decided to take our show on the road and head out to Principia in Elsah, IL with nothing but our humor, all our break clothes and you know, well, a little food. This blog is to let all of those that are interested to see where we are follow us, so that we don't have to call each and every one of you. The first leg of our journey: Port Townsend, WA to Ashland, OR, where we will be staying with a friend of one of my brothers. On the way there, we will be stopping at Canopy World to get the lock fixed on my truck bed canopy. Oh, and did I mention, for those who don't know, I am now the owner of a 1994 Ford Ranger. ... read more

A peaceful morning in Portage Bay developed into a throng of kayaks, speedboats, sailboats, and Ride the Duck boats making our exit out of Lake Union an adventure of avoidance. It's a beautiful day in Seattle and everyone is doing something outside. As luck would have it we found a green light into the small locks and wedged ourselves between small saiboats and speedboats. We wedged the bow alongside an old wooden cruiser with an older couple expertly handling the lines. Of course BJ made friends with the lady in the ten minutes it took us to drop to the sea and found out that they were bound for their 45th trip to Alaska. Yes, I heard it too - 45 trips! In that little time she learned that he was a dentist who practiced under ... read more

The founders of Port Townsend in 1850, Alfred Plummer, Charles Bachelder, Francis Pettygrove, and Loren Hastings, believed they had an unbeatable opportunity. Their new port sat directly on the mouth of Puget Sound, the most important harbor north of San Francisco. They intended their town to be the largest in the Pacific Northwest. For a while, things went just as planned. Merchant ships docked by the thousands, and traders became rich. They built a whole series of Victorian buildings downtown, done in bricks to show their wealth (timber was readily available and cheap; bricks had to be imported and were expensive). Then, the Northern Pacific railroad reache... read more
Port Washington jail
Downtown Port Townsend
Seattle from Mount Walker

G'day!! Planning, anticipating and getting ready for a 7 week trip to Australia. It is coming all together...mail pickup, cat sitter, plant waterer, itinerary planned, farm stays almost decided much to do. This is the fun part too...for me the trip starts the second I decide where I am going. Feb 8th is right around the corner...for now I just want to test my skill at starting and maintaining my first travel blog!! No worries, mate!!... read more

Yet another month has gone by in Port Townsend. Sorry we are short on the pictures this month but the camera just didn't even make it out until the very last week! March has been an interesting month. We have started to do a lot of different things and are meeting new people, making new friends, gardening, yah, pretty awesome. It is so crazy to look around and see all of these flowers blooming and working out in the garden for hours on end when we know that Colorado is still getting massive amounts of snow. It does make for a large craving of snowboarding! We are getting really excited about being able to plant so many things in our garden in the next month or so. There are already starters at the stores for onions, ... read more

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What a luxury it is to read a good book. What could be better? Here's what. Being able to read that book in the author's home/writing studio while lying in an amazingly comfortable bed and after finishing the book, being able to discuss it with her after she feeds you an amazing dinner. The stuff of fantasy you might ask? You might be right but it actually happened to us. All thanks to Erica Bauermeister, author of The School of Essential Ingredients. To begin with, the book is to be savored like a good meal. It not only tells the tale of a cooking class but also examines the subtleties of both good food and human relationships. In getting to know Erica you immediately recognize someone who is aware enough to have created the characters in ... read more
A room with a view
The view
A delicious read

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