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North America » United States » Washington » Port Angeles August 11th 2017

We are in the final push toward our departure date for 5 weeks in Europe. Bills paid, yard work nearly done, and starting to lay out clothes for packing. Uff da! There's a lot to consider when being gone for so long. Discovered that USPS will only hold mail for 30 days..... This is the first post on this blog, done primarily for test purposes.... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Port Angeles August 8th 2017

The drive from American Heritage Campground in Olympia WA to Conestoga Quarters RV Park in Port Angeles WA on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 was accomplished, for the most mart, on the Pacific Coast Scenic Bywayor US 101. That route extends around three sides of the Olympic Peninsula – generally, from Olympia northward along the western shore of Puget Sound until you need a boat and then westerly through Port Angeles along the Strait of Juan de Fuca until the aforementioned boat is required and then turning southerly to the Columbia River and the Oregon state line where there is a bridge and no need for the aforementioned boat! When someone says go north on US 101, pay attention. They might be referring to the Puget Sound portion or, perhaps, the Pacific Ocean portion. Today’s portion of ... read more
There Wasn’t a Lot to Photograph on This Leg of the Trip
The View from My Lunch Table
Sea Caves Are Commonplace Along the Pacific Coast

North America » United States » Washington » Port Angeles April 30th 2014

Geo: 48.1187, -123.431Hiked with a group of 5th graders up Storm King, then returned to the ground, my car, SEA-TAC airport, and home. Lovely day for a drive!... read more
Tree on Storm King
Forest below Storm King
Forest of Storm King

North America » United States » Washington » Port Angeles April 29th 2014

Geo: 48.1187, -123.431Spent the day on the Elwha River, learning about the major dam deconstruction and habitat restoration project -- the largest in the US. In 2012, two earthen dams were pulled down (well, one is still in the process of being removed), and the Elwha River allowed to flow freely. Salmon stocks are already returning in larger numbers than expected. No one is quite sure what is going to happen with the river water quality and soil composition, so it's being monitored closely. I was observing the monitoring today.After the observations, I went up to Hurricane Ridge. Since the day was gorgeous -- clear and warm -- the view was fabulous!... read more
Along the Elwha River
Along the Elwha River
Along the Elwha River

North America » United States » Washington » Port Angeles April 28th 2014

Geo: 48.1187, -123.431Had meetings all day, but they were productive. Managed to see the marine center, very briefly, as the last set of meetings were held there. Watched the ferry from Victoria come and go.... read more
Port Angeles
Port Angeles
Port Angeles

Nicole arrived in Seattle Saturday September 14 after running a 5K Color Run in Austin that morning. We went straight downtown for a delicious dinner including her and Pat's favorite, oysters. We had a 3 hour drive back to Port Angeles using one of the floating bridges on the way home. The next day we set out on Hwy 101 to explore Olympic National Park. Our first stop was the Madison Falls entry and stamped our National Park Passport there. After lunch at Granny's cafe, we stopped at Crescent Lake, and on to Forks. We were surprised to find out Forks had the Twilight Festival that weekend. All the festivities were over by Sunday afternoon, but it was fun to see the banners and signs. The shop windows were advertising Twilight Tours. We though we'd check ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Port Angeles September 13th 2013

day uhhh i dont know does it matter a long time leisel here theres a lot of hustle and bustle going on today nicole is coming tomorrow for a mail run so i thought id try my paw at the blog we had a good drive to the olympic peninsula monday got in to the elwha dam rv park best rv park by a dam site went out to dinner i stayed in the car we got up real early tuesday there was a lot of rushing around and for the first time this trip i saw the suitcases come out that usually means i stay at home alone then i saw my suitcase come out so i stayed real quiet so they wouldnt change their minds but i stayed close so they wouldnt forget me ... read more

So I made the bee-line for the 10:30 ferry. I get there at 10:25 and the customs guy starts in with the questions. Any food?no(YES) any alchohol? no (YES) and firearms? no(actually i didnt this time), any bear mace? no (YEP).So I get on the ferry now feeling pretty hungover but with a new sense of vigor for the road. My first stop in Washington was at Patti's seafood for some local oysters. I slurped em down and chit chatted with Pattis about the indians and fishing and the way things were and are now with it. I mentioned I wanted to try Geoduck and she just gave me some to cook up later. Thanks Patti! Another 30 minutes rides later and I see a sign for Oysterfest!! Already 12 deep, I proceeded to eat every ... read more

Port Angeles Art Center I need a break from the wilderness, at least for a little while, so I went to the Port Angeles Art Center. The site overlooks the city of Port Angeles and the Strait of Juan De Fucha. Many cities have a museum like this, which shows work of local artists. The quality varies considerably. In the Olympic Peninsula, this is one of the better ones. The first difference for this museum is the parking lot. It has a wonderful view of a group of trees and the city, but no museum. On the far end are three metal sculptures that resemble cartoon word balloons. A sign at the base points to a sculpture path. The museum is hidden in the woods, and the path is the only way there. The main path ... read more
A world of wonder
Morse Creek Canyon
Mount Olympus

Our van, "Tree Hugger" is developing a personality of her own. She has enjoyed being here in the Olympic National Park because it has given her a chance to see huge spruce, a wide variety of pine, a look over sub-alpine meadows and to see mosses and algaes that she hadn't seen before. She enjoyed stopping beside this beautiful Lake and having lunch. Highlights of this place have been both scenery and people. We loved the Hoh Rainforest, the Sol Duc Falls and the scenes overlooking the Olympic Mountain range. ... read more
Hoh Rainforest
Sol Duc Falls
Sol Duc Falls

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