Olympia and back to Seattle (and our netbook charger!)

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August 12th 2012
Published: August 18th 2012
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12th Aug ’12 Centralia to Olympia

We were only going about 20 miles today! Hooray!! It was either stay here or have an extra night in Seattle, but as we have spent quite a bit of time there already we decided to try somewhere new instead.

I even managed to get a haircut – no more lopsided scraggly knotted hair! Howard isn’t happy he reckons it’s too short, well I must admit I got a shock too when I saw how much she cut off but its in much better condition.

Anyway we are staying in Olympia which is the capital of Washington State at the Olympia Plaza Hotel – which sounds grand but is actually more like an overgrown motel but with better furnishings.

So we walked all over down town, which was very interesting with lots of cafes with food from all over the world, from Jewish to Ethiopian, tattoo parlours, alternative shops, potchy second hand bookshops and a theatre featuring a burlesque show hosted by Hattie Hotpants! (what a great name).

We carried on down to the Farmers Market with all its stalls, crafts and eating places. This was by the waterfront so

Art work
we walked back along the riverside past all the sculptures and art work, looking at the various boats.

We then came to a big fountain area, which spurted water up from out of the ground in different combinations and patterns. As it was such a hot day it was full of children and adults splashing around so I gave it a quick go too. Then we came to the lake which we walked around, while marathon runners and walkers went past.

The Capitol building (think Washington) was on top of the hill overlooking the lake, so we slogged our way up and looked at the impressive buildings before returning to the hotel. Olympia is indeed a lovely town.

Tonight was spent sorting out all the stuff in the car and attempting to cram it into our rucksacks, as the car goes back tomorrow.

13th Aug ’12 Olympia to Seattle

The journey was pretty straightforward and didn’t take long, we dropped the car off and caught the bus into the city. We were able to check in and get our room even though it was only 1 and best of all they HAD our netbook charger

Cooling off!

We went to have a good final look around Pike Place Market – I doubt we will be here again. Had a final Chinese meal at the Ghengis Khan and that was that.

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Capitol building

Capitol Building

18th August 2012

I hope you didn't forget your netbook charger when you left Seattle this time!
I'm looking forward to more blogs about your travels all over the States.
21st August 2012

It's top of our check list each time we move on!!! and thanks

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