Day 12 A trip thru the Cascades

Published: June 29th 2013
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Acorn MotelAcorn MotelAcorn Motel

Never had to sign one of these before!
After a great breakfast at the Acorn Bar we departed Colville at 9 AM. Destination of Oak Harbour about 330 miles away' We had been told of speed traps in Marblemount and Concrete. Small towns with 35 MPH and local LEOS that have active ink pens. Washington is a diverse state, going from lush greens to near desert (complete with sagebrush) back to green and then the ocean shore. Not a speedy day as much to view and great twisties. Tonights meal was at the local ELKS Lodge where we had hand breaded cod fried to perfection. Great visit and back to room. Tomorrow will be a ride down the coast to....I don't know...where ever we stop. I am ahead of schedule so time for some touristy things if they arise.

Today was awesome..we had the whole mountain roads all to ourselves for about 50 miles. No straight line wonders or curve sissies in front of us. Just the curve cowboy and cowgirl having a wonderful time in the Cascades. Climbed 5600 ft then back down and up to 4500 with a beautiful glacier fed river running beside us. That is some cold water! I become more philosophical in the mountains. I see clean roadways here and wonder why Arkansas is so trashy. The people in this area are truly conservation oriented which is why I feel a kindred spirit with the mountain roads. There were a lot of bikes today enjoying the roads from Vintage Beemers, Nortons and other assorted brands.

**note** pictures will be posted tomorrow. Seems that I neglected to bring up the card reader and it will just have to wait.

Can't end without mentioning the Acorn Motor Inn. VERY nice and unbelievable furnishings for a motel with a Super 8 price range. HOWEVER, I have been in motels/hotels all across the US and Canada and have never had to sign a disclaimer (will post tomorrow) such as posted.


29th June 2013

Mt. St. Helens
If you have time, Mount St. Helens is a great ride.
30th June 2013

Mt. St. Helens
That is an extreme possibility. Time is going to be a factor and Golden Gate may have to be cut.

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