Deception Pass State Park

Published: June 17th 2019
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Yesterday was our last day at whidbey. We took a short trip to Deception State Park to do some hiking. It’s a great park with several trails winding along the coast. Great views. Pictures speak for them selves.

Whidbey Naval Air Station was a joy to visit. The RV Park was one of the best we have ever used. Right on the water and very clean and well kept. It was an experience being around this part of the Navy again. Whidbey now has several P3 squadron and a few new P8 squadrons. It also has some EP3’s and the new F/A 18 Growler. We flew in here a lot back in the 60’s and 70’s to pick up torpedoes and do practice mining runs. At that time it was a small outpost and was the home of several P2 squadrons. Not much activity. Now it is busy all the time and lots of traffic. The Navy has changed a lot since I retired in 1994. All sailors now wear camouflage uniforms and I can’t tell the rate of anybody. I went over to the chiefs club which is only open 4 days a week. Two guys in camouflage were
sitting at the bar. I couldn’t even tell if they were chiefs. They stared me down like I was some intruder. I wanted tell them I retired as a Senior Chief before they even joined as an E1 airman. Instead I walked out in disgust. It isn’t my Navy anymore. I guess that is what happens with age.

Today we drove from Whidbey to Lincoln City Oregon. An easy drive with lots of traffic most of the way. The KOA RV park is good,but doesn’t compare to Whidbey. Tomorrow we are off to McMinnville to see the Spruce Goose. After that we plan to visit some of the great wineries in the area.

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17th June 2019

Spruce Goose
Say hi to the Goose for me. Love that museum. Are you staying at the RV park next door? If so, make sure you ride the "space shuttle" golf cart.
17th June 2019

Love that museum too. We were here several years ago, Ut I never get tired of the planes and the goose. We are staying in Lincoln City.

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