Largest Frying Pan

Published: June 25th 2017
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Worlds Largest Frying PanWorlds Largest Frying PanWorlds Largest Frying Pan

Despite its name and size it is not the World's Largest, having been surpassed in subsequent years by other towns with more ambitious plans and pans.
Geo: 46.3525, -124.053

We are back on the Pacific Coast Rd as we enter Washington and our big objective was to take Billy Thunder to the beach- not a road or parking lot next to the beach, but right on the beach- the longest driveable beach in the world. I assume that you're supposed to drive at a substantially reduced rate, but DH (where the 'D' stands for Daytona 500) had beach goers and seagulls scattering as she plowed through a number of sand castles while doing a number of high speed donuts in the sand. Much of the beach seemed to be set aside for the vehicles and most of the vehicles were 4x4's but every now and again we'd see some poor soul who didn't seem to understand the limitations of a rear-wheel drive family sedan in beach sand. Presumably the local tow truck operator is a big supporter of long beach drives.

Long Beach was also home to the world's largest frying pan- when we talked to people before setting out on this roadtrip, I had used the largest frying pan as an example of the kinds of exciting adventures we were in for (while DH rolled her eyes). As it turns out I probably shouldn't have done that because it really wasn't all that big, and it wasn't even a real frying pan. I wonder if anyone else has ever built up a frying pan to the point where it couldn't possibly deliver against expectations??

I'm not sure it was factual but Billy seemed to have a little extra pep after his frolic in the sand. It was our last stop along the coast and it was time to cut across the state as we looked to re-enter The Great White North at the Osoyoos border crossing. Not coincidently, the closer we got to our first cup of Tim Hortons coffee in months, the faster DH was driving. It was no longer a question of whether or not she'd get out of the car for the latest in a long line of oddball roadside attractions- there would be no more stopping until her first Tim Hortons Double/Double coffee and a Cinnamon-Raisin, toasted bagel (with butter) had been properly celebrated.

I'm hoping the Canadian Border Guards are as understanding of her pressing coffee infatuation as I am.

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Astoria–Megler BridgeAstoria–Megler Bridge
Astoria–Megler Bridge

Located 14 miles (23 km) from the mouth of the Columbia River, the bridge is 6.6 km long.
Astoria–Megler BridgeAstoria–Megler Bridge
Astoria–Megler Bridge

The bridge was built to withstand 240 km/h wind gusts and river water speeds of 14 km/h.
Astoria–Megler BridgeAstoria–Megler Bridge
Astoria–Megler Bridge

Since most of the northern portion of the bridge is over shallow, non-navigable water, it is low to the water.
Pacific Coast HighwayPacific Coast Highway
Pacific Coast Highway

The Astoria–Megler Bridge was the last completed segment of U.S. Route 101 between Olympia, Washington, and Los Angeles, California.
Jakr The Alligator ManJakr The Alligator Man
Jakr The Alligator Man

Photos of Jake have appeared in tabloids, with shrieking headlines about swamp mutations and Florida monster attacks.
Long Beach WashingtonLong Beach Washington
Long Beach Washington

The Long Beach beach, a state park, is 28 miles in length.

28th May 2016

All creations of a taxidermist on drugs!
28th May 2016

Or the irritant that gets into the shell, and which the pear sac forms around!
28th May 2016

gotta love Canada
30th May 2016

Beautiful photo Vic
31st May 2016

Gotta love C A N A D A !

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