State Sticker Ceremony

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August 15th 2015
Published: August 16th 2015
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State Sticker Ceremony

What a great sleep. There is nothing like the mountain air, with open windows and cool temperatures. It was well after 8 am by the time I rolled out of bed this morning, looked at the temp and it was 58. Hooray!!

The camper was a mess so I was determined to get things in order today. I decided not to get in the car today so I had to amuse myself somehow. I have a speaker for my I pod and it's batteries were dead and I didn't know how to change them. As it turned out it's rechargeable so I found a cord that fit and got the charge going. Next was breakfast and I was sick of cereal so I made oatmeal pancakes and sausage. Great, breakfast and lunch combined.

The next order of business was what was in the closet drawers. I have liquor in one but I forgot what was in the other so I went through that and found the state map stickers. I knew they were there, decided it was today that the new states would be added to the outside map. So I took before and after pictures.There are still a lot to go but I'm not done traveling yet.

Next I set up the lounge chair and read my book for a while til I got itchy then washed the rear window of the van and car. A few more windows and all those spots that have been bothering me and it was time to read some more.

Took Oscar for a long walk and it was his dinner time when we got back and more reading to be done.

No, I didn't get all the cleaning up done but it was a wonderful relaxing day in the cooler temperatures. It got to 74 today.

I have no tv reception here so I am forced to amuse myself. Thank goodness there is internet so I can communicate with the world.

I took a few pictures to show the scenery around the campground and hope to have more tomorrow as I am going into town to see this Bavarian Villiage that is supposed to be there.

There are bear warnings in camp, maybe I'll get lucky and see one.

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road into this section of the campgroundroad into this section of the campground
road into this section of the campground

there are many different kind of evergreen trees and they are huge.

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