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Published: July 29th 2009
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Summer fun!Summer fun!Summer fun!

Testing out the surfboard my dad made me down in Oregon!!!
I made it around the world and now I'm heading back out in reverse direction. Today at 6pm I'm catching my flight from Seattle to Sydney Australia. I have a working holiday visa that still has 7 months left on it, so I figured I might as well look for work over there instead of here in the States. Perhaps I'm just trying to ride out the recession abroad! I spent 1.5 months back in the Washington summer and now that it's over, it just flew by. I kept pretty busy floating the river, hiking in the mountians, surfing on the river, and swimming in the ice cold rivers to avoid the 90 degree heat. I also went to a family reunion, went surfing for 5 days down in Oregon, spent time hanging out with friends, went canoeing on the Columbia river, attended a couple weddings, and just lived the easy life of being home. It was wonderful!!!

But now that the day has come, I am super excited to get back out there and continue backpacking. I plan to head to Western Australia and look for work somewhere near a good surf break. Even though I'm going back to work, I still want to have fun! hehe. I don't have any plans set in stone, so we'll see where I end up.

I'll write once I get across the Pacific!!


I've added some more pics...check em out!


2nd August 2009

Hey, Anna - bon voyage from us in France. Joe and I are in Rouen France right now where they burned Joan of Arc. We just had an email from Sean and he tells us that there is a heat wave in the NW; so we are both lucky to be gone. Joe and I have had a great time seeing lots of history - we visited the town of Charlemagne and are now exploring his territory - Amsterdam; Maastricht; Aachen; Luxembourg City; Paris; Rouen; and then Brussels; Bruges and Antwerp. We are having a fantastic time - hope you have arrived safely; and we will look forward to hearing more from you! Love; Aunt Kathy and Uncle Joe

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