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North America » United States » Washington » Forks February 2nd 2015

We decided to take a winter trip around the Olympic Peninsula, and started out on Monday with a ferry ride to Port Townsend, where we stayed overnight with our friends Nancy and Mark. Our visit was great: a delightful dinner party, much excellent conversation, and a walk around their neighborhood.... On Tuesday, we drove along the Strait of Juan de Fuca for a few hours and then headed south to the Quileute Reservation, to spend two nights in La Push, on the beach. On the way, we stopped to see the newly restored Elwa River. The dam that completely blocked the salmon's access was taken down a few years ago and the wild salmon runs have come back! More info and history: Our room here on the second floor of the hotel part of the ... read more
What our house would have looked like if.....
Whidbey Island
Hike at Fort Casey while waiting for the ferry to Port Townsend...

North America » United States » Washington » Forks September 2nd 2014

So I guess today was actually our first official day of driving the Pacific Coast Highway. We left Seattle early, after our free Travelodge breakfast, and caught the car ferry at Pier 52 downtown to Bainbridge Island. It was only a half hour ride but took almost two hours off of what the driving time would have been on the way to Hwy. 101 and our first stop in Port Townsend. The town has some beautiful old Victorian homes so we decided to take this little detour from Hwy. 101 to have a quick drive though. We stopped for cappuccinos at the 1012 Coffee Bar (fun atmosphere, full of locals). We headed out on Hwy. 101 from here to our next stop at Lake Crescent, to make the short 1/2 hour hike up to Marymere Falls. ... read more
Marymere Falls
Chris and the Miata at First Beach, La Push
1012 Coffee Bar in Port Townsend

North America » United States » Washington » Forks September 5th 2013

Our third day in Seattle was to be spent in many locations other than Seattle. Terry's friend, Rose, joined by her daughter Nikki, had arrived at the hotel Wednesday evening in preparation for an excursion around the Olympic Peninsula. We had planned on meeting in the lobby for a 5:30 a.m. departure. Rose had planned breakfast in Poulsbo on Bainsbridge Island, so we loaded into the 4Runner and headed to the ferry dock for the 6:10 departure. The ride over took about 45 minutes on a ferry that carried cars, trucks (and I mean semis), RVs and of course, people. We were deposited within 5 minutes of breakfast. Poulsbo is a great little town influenced by early Scandinavian settlers. There were great little bakeries and restaurants; fresh flowers on each lamp post and corner. Rose had ... read more
The Lodge at Lake Crescent
Scenic Lake Crescent
Kickin Back

North America » United States » Washington » Forks August 22nd 2013

August 20 – 21st, 2013 Our first morning here and we briefly lost our fabulous view. On waking we pulled back the blind to discover a wall of fog and mist. The sound of the lapping waves the only indication the ocean was still there. The mist still hanging we travelled up the coast, traversing between fog and a reassuringly blue sky and into the Makah Nation (Indian) Reservation and the tiny coastal town of Neah Bay. (I nearly used the word “resort” here but if you’ve ever visited you’d understand why I didn’t. I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just that this does not have the feel of somewhere that invites tourists. The sign says, “Leaving Neah Bay. Please come again” but I don’t think they’d give a monkeys whether you did or didn’t. ... read more
Cape Flattery
Cape Flattery
A grey whale

North America » United States » Washington » Forks July 26th 2011

Today I explored something that harkens, in its own way, back to my earliest childhood. In first grade, my class was divided into groups that had to create a presentation on a National Park. I was part of the group that got Olympic. For me, the highlight of the project was getting mail from a place far away; I suspect my wonder lust was triggered even back then. My memories of the final presentation have faded at this point, except for a striking picture of trees absolutely covered in hanging moss. I’m pretty sure it was taken at a spot I’m seeing today, the Hall of Mosses in the Hoh rain forest. The drive to the forest perfectly illustrates the contrasts of this peninsula. The outer part was all tree farms, with clear cuts in places ... read more
Hoh stream
Hall of Mosses
Hoh alder

North America » United States » Washington » Forks December 8th 2010

Yesterday we drove to Forks, Washington. Forks is the setting of the Twilight novels. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, the Twilight novels are kind of like Harry Potter for teenage girls and women (just for girls, not women - Craig). It’s a love story between a teenage girl and a vampire. The books have been made into movies, and it was the sets of such movies that I visited in Vancouver. I also tried to spot some Twilight stars in Baton Rouge (to no avail), Louisiana, for those who remember. Now none of the movies were filmed here, but the author of the novels (Stephenie Meyer) visited this town and used the various shops and locations in her books. So you can really imagine that you’re in the middle of the ... read more
Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park

North America » United States » Washington » Forks May 25th 2010

Well, my flight from Raleigh arrived on time in Seattle on Saturday the 22nd. It was a long eight hour flight but fun as well. Getting to see the earth from the air is amazing, it is so big. I love flying because seeing how big the earth is reminds me how HUGE God is. I was able to see Mount Ranier in the distance. It was the only mountain visable above the clouds on my flight from Spokane to Seattle. My brother Jesse picked me up at the airport and we went to a mall in Seattle and had drinks and appetizers at a Thai restaurant called Racha with his friends Becca and Royden from the Coast Guard. Jesse then drove me around Seattle and showed me several places including an Episcopal cathedral with ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Forks July 25th 2009

So ... this is how we came to experience a little known town in the Olympic Peninsula named Forks. You will notice our cameras went missing and the events of the night of the 25th have largely been documented in drawings (as more actual renditions may be too difficult to bear). The events that transpired are largely Jenny Karankawa's fault and the Lonely Planet guide that her roommate gave to her. You see, the Olympic Peninsula is DESOLATE. There are no towns. Except two. Forks and Port Angeles - stop if you know where this is going because we really didn't see it heading there. Lonely Planet recommended an excellent, excellent campsite called Mora, only a stone throw away from the Pacific. Sadly, as sometimes happens with last minute travel arrangements, Mora was full for that ... read more
Treaty Line
Our night in Forks
The Morning After

North America » United States » Washington » Forks July 15th 2008

7/7/2008 This whole trip Clay was waiting to go deep sea fishing. To the point where it was very annoying. Well my dad set up a charter to take us out on Sunday. The problem was that you are not able to fish salmon on Sunday or Monday. We were ok with that Clay just wanted to get out there. When we got there our skipper said it would be a rough day. We still went out and you could tell that Clay was sooo excited. Well my mom knew that she would get sea sick before we went out so she curled up into a ball on the couch. Clay soon followed suit and so they were both curled on the couch. Including the sickness the waves were scattering the fish so we didn't catch ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Forks July 6th 2008

7/4/2008 I finally got to do what I have been waiting for. I read a book, Twilight, a while ago which is based in Forks. So that is where we went to day! First we went to Rialto Beach which is very pretty. Then we went to La Push, an indian reservation, to see a boat that we are taking deep sea fishing. Then we went to Forks. When we got there the fourth of July parade was finishing up so we didn't see that. After a bunch of pictures and lunch we headed on to the Hoh Rainforest. It gets 40 to 260 inches of rainfall a year! It was very pretty. That night we watched fireworks from our campsite over the lake. Katie... read more
Dock in La Push
Hoh Rainforest

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