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All of the pictures that have appeared here on this blog aside from the submitted photos are now available for download! Simply click on the following link and you will directed to the album! Enjoy!... read more

Sunday saw the Edison- Hamburg exchange at the Mount Vernon Police Station! Not to worry however, we were not in trouble. Chris Cammock was kind enough to arrange a behind the scenes tour of the station and all of the cool stuff there. We had pictures taken in the booking room (that should sufficiently scare some German parents!), had a look around and inside the SWAT trucks, police cars, motorcycles and even got to play around with some training gear. It was a blast and the kids had an awesome time there. After the tour it was on to some black light midnight bowling! It was a blast with the music blaring and black lights shining. The coolest part that was noticed by all of the teachers is that this group is so tight. There ... read more
Bowling 1
SWAT Truck

On Friday evening, the eighteenth day of May, 2012, the hoards descended upon the Gischer household in near biblical proportions. Nearly one hundred German and American students along with their American host families made their way to the home overlooking Lake Samish for the second welcome dinner graciously hosted by Carianna Gischer and family. It was by all acounts a resounding and unparalleled success! The host families and their German charges arrived with their contributions to the feast at 6pm and the party started. Students outside and anywhere they could find to socialize and adults seeking a spot on the deck to put their feet up and take a breath while sharing pleasant and lively conversation with one another. It was an excellent time to catch up with the other hosts on the events of the ... read more
Welcome Bags
A Welcome Visitor

The Edison- Hamburg Exchange 2012 is officially underway as our visitors arrived in Vancouver today! A tired, nervous and excited group of German students walked through the gates to an anxiously awaiting group of American hosts hoisting welcome signs, flags and brandishing broad smiles. After a few quick words of welcome, we were southbound for the states. After a less than uneventful border crossing which took longer than expected to the chagrin of everyone involved, we were officially in America on a beautiful day, welcomed by an epically majestic Mount Baker. Everyone has arrived to their host homes safely and I am sure they are very soundly asleep at this hour. We arrived back in the Skagit Valley at approximately 4am Hamburg time after a very early start the day before for our visitors. Our American ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Burlington April 21st 2012

Well, here we go again! In just a few weeks the Edison- Hamburg Exchange 2012 will begin! Below is the countdown to arrival. Be sure to spread the word that the blog is up and running once again. Encourage those who would like to keep up to date with the exchange to subscribe to the blog so that they will receive notifications when a new blog post is added. Arrival In ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Burlington July 15th 2010

All of the pictures used on the blog are now available HERE. There are currently 140 pictures available to view and download from the Germany leg of the exchange! I'll add more in the coming days and I will also post the pictures from the Washington leg here as well. If you would like to add pictures to this site for others to view and download, please email me,, and I will help make that happen! I hope everyone is over the jet lag and enjoying the comforts of home!... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Burlington June 13th 2010

Well, school is out and the countdown is on! To that end, the countdown clock is updated and counting down to departure! Following are some links you may find helpful as you prepare for the trip. Straight from the TSA: There are are also many links on the site to some helpful hints. url=·en·Homepage·Homepage%20-%20Note·Changed%20Baggage%20Allo·%0A%09%09%09 Lufthansa's Check Baggage Guidelines: Our airline has their own policies that must be adhered to! url= read more

North America » United States » Washington » Burlington April 10th 2010

We have been quite busy; both teachers and students! First, we went to the fire station and skating this week. The kids were able to try on all the gear and that they did! Next, the students had an art class by one of our artists in residence on ink/brush drawings. The subject was pandas. I think that the German students did very well and once again, art proves to break through all barriers, including language! The German teachers have been busy teaching my German classes and even playing with my Smart Board. They are a bit envious of that piece of technology! On Thursday we took a delightful trip to Deception Pass. The weather cooperated with us, so all was good. Timo and a few others were sprayed by an incoming wave. I don't think ... read more
teachers playing with the Smart Board
Fire Station
More Fire St.

North America » United States » Washington » Burlington April 3rd 2010

"Is the Duck Tour going to be cancelled?" I think I heard that about 10 times this morning as we were setting out. And... with good cause. Seattle boasted some pretty crazy winds today. Our first stop was the EMP near the Seattle Center. There, the kids were on their own to explore the history of music, the Science Fiction museum and take part in a band experience. I think that they enjoyed the different exhibits and activities. Next, we embarked on a stormy trip through Seattle, rocking to some disco and getting a behind the scenes tour of Seattle Oddities, including where Jimi Hendrix bought his first guitar, where Dale Chihuly lives and a Freemont troll drive-by. The only thing we didn't do is go in the water. By the looks of the rolling waves ... read more
"Sputnik" Band
Duck Tour #1

North America » United States » Washington » Burlington April 2nd 2010

So. den 28.3. Die Bilder vom Besuch des Polizeireviers und der Bericht darueber stehen ja schon im Blog. Welch Vergnuegen in einem echten Polizeiwagen zu sitzen, die Waffenkammer (!!!!???) zu besichtigen, Handschellen anzulegen, in einer Gefaengniszelle zu sitzen und einem Polizeihund bei der Vorfuehrung zu beobachten. Wir bedanken uns bei dem unglaublich freundlichen stellvertretenden Revierleiter und seinem Kollegen, die ihre Freizeit fuer uns geopfert haben. Abends das Bowling war ebenfalls ein Hit. Laute Discomusik, Laserstrahlen und das Bowlen sorgten fuer Stimmung und Lautstaerke. Mo - Do verbringen die Schueler ihre Schulferien mit ihren Gasteltern und, wie vorher schon zu hoeren war, mit verschiedensten Aktivitaeten. Freitag, den 2.4., hier in den USA kein Feiertag, steht Seattle auf dem Plan. Davon spaeter mehr.... read more

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