A Few Helpful and Interesting Last Minute Links

Published: July 6th 2014
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Alright folks, it's just about "Go Time"! I am sure you have been packed a ready for several days now, and none of you are scrambling to put everything together at the last minute. Regardless of where you might be in the packing a preparation process, here are some links that may help, and that you might find interesting as the group departs.

For those of you who may be wondering "Can I pack my air soft gun in my carry-on baggage?", or "Just how many pounds of candy and snacks am I allowed to cram into my carry-on?"; here are a couple of links to help.

First, the official TSA Packing Guidelines.

Next, the packing guidelines provided by Iceland Air for Carry-On Baggage and Checked Baggage.

If you find yourself struggling to meet these strict guidelines, be sure to check out Rick Steve's Tips on Packing Light!

If you would like to follow our in flight progress from home, you can do so on This Site.

For those of you who like to plan ahead, check out Iceland Air's In Flight Entertainment Page to plan your viewing. This will be in addition to watching Ms. Herder overreact to in flight turbulence of course!

Have a look at Iceland Live on This Site. Perhaps you will even be able to spot the group as we peruse Iceland on Monday!

See you all tomorrow to start the adventure!


6th July 2014

Turbulence? I have books to read!
I am bringing TONS of books and will have not time for worries!

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